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Having read my FAQs on Spinal Cord Stimulators, a reader recently pointed out to me that there is a risk of infection with these devices. Further sluething into the topic revealed that, yes indeed, infection is one of the risks, along with several other not so savory possibilities. People who have relied on this method of pain management have had varying outcomes, and it is an area that is best entered into only after thorough research and serious consideration. I have written an article designed to assist you in your quest for information regarding the pros and cons of spinal cord stimulation as a pain management strategy. Read on...
October 5, 2009 at 3:11 pm
(1) Mary Deese says:

I am thinking about having a stimulator implant and I would like to get some responces from people who have them.

July 16, 2010 at 8:32 pm
(2) carol says:

I got one in Oct 09. I hate it. I have pain at battery site pain where the leads are. I have more pain than i did before. I wish a thousand times I didn’t have it. Please think about it

July 27, 2010 at 3:50 am
(3) Debbie says:

I am on my 3rd SCS unit. I got great relief for my RSD in both my legs then the original unit died from age (6+yrs). My 2nd unit was great until my implanted pain pump got a MRSA infection over the access port and had to be removed. When they went back to replace my pump the Dr who did the actual surgery placed the pump too close to the SCS and the SCS died suddenly. I got a new SCS in last Oct a St. Jude Eon (full size) and new leads. I have had non stop problems with bad shocks when I try to recharge this unit and now the unit has died. It was found to have a cut of some kind in the plastic housing over the internal battery so I am about to have to get a new unit again but I just had my knee replaced and my RSD is flaring so bad I had to stop PT until I get a new unit. I had to get clearance from my Orthopaedic Surgeon 1st before I can get this 4th unit. When they work they are great when they do not work it is your worst nightmare.

August 26, 2010 at 3:37 pm
(4) dawn brown says:

I have had my stim for just over 10 years now. Its my 3rd battery this last one a rechargable. I find it covers my pain most of the time about half. I do find that it effects going to the bathroom. I have to shut my self down to 0 and off to be able to void or pee. I also find that any security device in malls or border crossing will affect me in a negative way unless i shut my self down and off. But all in all as long as i am carefull I feel it has improved my life as long as the stress of stupid people stay away i manage to make it too the next day.

September 9, 2010 at 9:43 am
(5) Mega eye says:

I had a SCS put in last month. WOrks for about 15% but any releif is something. The proble that I have is my one Pupil in the right eye diulates and they say it’s nothing to do with it. Anyone else have that problem??

September 23, 2010 at 11:35 am
(6) cathy says:

I have a spinal cord stimulatorin my back and I don”t feel it helps the pain in my lower back which is very bad,

October 17, 2010 at 9:32 pm
(7) Bea says:

I too am very unhappy with my SCS. It was supposed to help improve my quality of life. It was a help during the trial for 2 days and then the company rep could not get things “right” again. I was convinced to have the permanent implant. It never worked right and I was convinced to have another unit and different leads implanted. Again it never worked right. I ended up losing my job over it and the doctor’s unwillingness to cooperate with my employer. Many times the unit turned on by itself and once I was even knocked to my knees because of the horrible impulse generated when I backed up near an anti shoplifting device in a store. I am 18 months out from the last implant. I now have a shrp pain in the area where the battery is implanted in the upper part of my buttock. I never know when this pain will hit. I eventually was declared disabled. You now wait 2 years before you can get Medicare and I do not qualify for Medicaid by about $60.00. I have no insurance anymore so I am pretty well stuck.
Anytime one researches this topic online all you seem to get Are these glowing reports of how wonderful SCS is. Think long and hard before you have this done. The company reps and the pain control docs that implant these are quite pushy. If you don’t feel like you are getting any benifit during your trial then do not second guess yourself. Don’t get the implant. For the record my pain is nerve generated. They mentioned doing fusion but they are not sure it would help.

December 6, 2010 at 2:14 pm
(8) Kristin says:

I broke my back in Dec. 1986 and have been in ever growing pain since. I have had three spinal surgeries and two morphine pump implants that had to be removed because of serious infections – the second one ended up giving me spinal meningitis and a brain infection that led to a shunt implant. The left side of my brain was displaced because of all the fluids; my impairment was as saevere as though I had had a stroke! Now I have been told that I should have a stimulator implant. I am not convinced that this will help me. I have a great deal of facet joint arthritis that causes a great deal of my pain. I do have nephrology in my feet when I recline. That is what they say they can help, but that is not enough for me to do the procedure. I am interested in other people’s experiences with the stimulators. What bothers me is that MRIs are precluded after the implant, and this is the only way to check on the rpogress of my brain infection! Is the relief worth what I will be giving up??

December 7, 2010 at 9:37 pm
(9) lisa says:

I am thinking about having a scs put in. I have lived with severe chronic pain, and the effects of the medications needed to make life tolerable since 1990. It seems worth the risk right now. I don’t want to take these drugs any longer! One thing I would really like to know from the “regretters” is which hospitals did they have this done. I am fortunate enough that I can go to John Hopkins Hospital. Any thoughts? I know there are a lot of wonderful hospitals across the country, and that’s not always the reason it goes wrong, but I’ve been in A LOT of them, believe me it is a huge factor!!!!

January 5, 2011 at 9:50 pm
(10) cheri says:

I had rsd 9 years ago..in my lft finger..I had surgery and was healed from if completly…my life was rsd free and wonderful…the only problem i had was uneven blood flow in my face..so a cardiac surgeon adviced me to have another sugery on my right side to even out the blood flow..when I woke up I had horrible pain in my chest, shoulder and right arm. Thought maybe it was from the surgery. did not get better..only a little….well to jump ahead Ive been told that my rsd (crps) is back, which the surgery brought it back and that my only hope is this spinal cord stimulator..Im soo worried espeacily after reading comments..but this may only be my only hope.currently Im only able to work part time and going on long term disability..any thoughts I would love to hear

January 13, 2011 at 3:18 pm
(11) Barbara Hemsworth says:

My doctor told me that a SPS would give me back my life. He said I would be able to do anything that I wanted to do. I’ve had nothing but trouble since I’ve had it. I am in Florida for the winter and the procedure was done in Michigan. I can’t even get a return call. The doctor here in Florida that I was referred to from the ER isn’t interested in seeing me because he’s afraid he can’t get paid. Money is the bottom line. I wouldn’t advise anyone to get an SCS.

April 11, 2011 at 10:04 am
(12) John says:

After 3 back surgeries I was told the scs was my only hope to ease my severe leg and back pain. I had one put in last July. It was the biggest mistake of my life. After 5 months of intense pain, far worse than before the implant, I had it removed. Don’t believe the sales pitch. I’m still experiencing extreme shooting pain in my back and leg that I didn’t have before. I would not do it again!

August 18, 2011 at 6:17 pm
(13) Teresa says:

Wow I am happy that I looked this site up. I just wich that I would of befor I had this thng put inside of me. I have had The SCS put in on May of 2011 I kept telling myself that this is what I am suposed to be feeling and that it is all going to get better, that I am still in the process of healing. I hate being in pain every day. I thought that my boyfriend thought that I was crazy when I told him that it hurts now when I go potty.I was so happy to read that someonelse is having that problem as well. The site that the battery pack is on just burns every day and when I am active the pain is worse, sometimes unbearable. I have shooting pain from the site that just nocks me down. I can only turn up the stem so high. It takes me now over 5 hours to charge. It is also so frustrating because you have to find the right place to recharge and if you move the wrong way you lose it, Your pretty much grounded. They told me that they want to move the battery pack to my butt instead of my side. What is that going to fix?
They also told me that I should go with a different company in stead of Medtronic Company. What is the dif? I just want the thing out. I would rather go threw all the shots and other stuff then live in serve pain like this, every day. I have no life like they told me that I would. I love to ride horses I havenít done that for 17 years I was so looking forward to that. They told me a lot I donít see that is ever going to happen. I strongly suggest to you do all of your home work before you go threw this. IT IS NOT WORK IT.

August 23, 2011 at 9:49 pm
(14) Cohen says:

I am a 26 year old male who has a blue collar working life and doesn’t know any other way to support my wife and I. I have had severe back pain for four years, have had multiple epiderals, 2 surgeries and now the SCS. After every surgery the low back pain continued to get worse and I have never had any relief from the low back pain. After going to a spinal clinic I was talked into the SCS from Boston Scientific, bad decision. I do not turn the SCS on because it upsets my stomach and I now have severe pain from the top incision site where the leads were placed and it continues to get worse everyday. I was trying to improve my quality of life and ended up adding another pain. This box might work for some people but it has not help me. The doctors keep telling me I am going to feel better but sadly I don’t think I am going to. Anyone thinking about doing it should know that the trial is completely different than the permanent no matter how much they try to tell you otherwise. The surgery is invasive compared to the trial and the surgery may leave you a different/more pain than you had before for the rest of your life.

October 9, 2011 at 12:14 am
(15) Eddie says:

Im on my 3rd SCS, I have had 12 Surgerys on my Back Since 1997 including a triple fusion from L4 to my tailbone. I got my 1st SCS back in 2000, it was nice not to feel the pain So much I had in my Back & Legs. In 2008 I had to have a new one from Boston Scientific put in, The Leads came off a year later in the middle of my back, Very painful. So going from the old style ( The Size of a deck of Cards ) to the newer one from BS was very nice, BS SCS was much smaller, Felt better to me & was rechargeable for up to 15 years or so. I was able to stop taking all the heavy Pain killers & seemed to function a little better, Until The leads come loose again, I cant use it for the pain & I dont have anything for the pain. So I have it Replaced with the same until back in June of this year, I have had alot of pain with this last one since then & Yesterday, The Leads came off or something worse has happend, I have a wire comming out of my skin, with alot of swelling around it. It has leaked some clear liquid. I dont remember doing anything to bad to make them come off again, I have been really careful. I dont know what to do now, I like it & it has helped me greatly, But its really becomming a pain in the a**. I would recommend it to anyone, Its not for everyone, But it got me off the Pills & I feel better.

March 3, 2012 at 11:24 pm
(16) Debbie says:

I had my stimulator inplanted Feb. 2012 just over a month ago. I was told the battery would be placed in my lower left hip. I woke up to it being inplanted right next to the spine. It is very painful and awful to charge. The two day trial is not long enough to make this decision. Not only does it effect when I have to urinate. I also have colitis, now everytime I turn on the stimulator it effects my colon and causes a flair up of my colitis. Of course the pain dr. say’s no that has nothing to do with it. Gastronologist tells me anything that is electric shocks to nerves can also shock the colon. Wish I knew this before having the implant. I also thought I was getting my life back. Now I think I will be going thru another surgery to have it removed. Pain from the battery being put right next to the spine is unbearable. Argued with the dr. about it post op visit but know I can’t do anything more at this point, be cause no other dr. will touch what another dr. did for fear of a law suite. Wish they were more honest with all of us people that deal with this pain.

March 9, 2012 at 7:02 am
(17) Jason H. says:

I had a scs put in after i got my L5s1 disk replaced witch the surgeon sold me and yes i said sold .the first one worked o for the first few months than i started to get shocked in my junk i got it adjusted but they could not get it right so i ended up getting another one and they found that the leads came loose so i had them move the leads further up my spine so it would cover my lower back and it does to a point now I’m getting a burning sensation at the battery location and the battery discharges when not even on so here i go again . i don’t know if i just want them to take it out or get them to repair this one .
this is not what i signed up for

April 12, 2012 at 1:40 pm
(18) edward says:

have had nsd for several nonths have been having headaches. anyone else?

April 24, 2012 at 6:33 pm
(19) corey says:

Yes I too had a scs put in on Feb 2012 I have severe lower back pain now I had it put in for sciatica ” I also have head aches and a burning sensation around battery. But no more leg pain …not sure if it is a fair trade

June 4, 2012 at 10:23 pm
(20) Cindy says:

I had a stimulator put in back in 2007, January. It seemed to work ok for a couple months and then all of a sudden I started to feel sharp pains where the battery pack was located. I complained to my pain doc and the rep of the device and they kept saying it was not related. Finally, they replaced the battery in June of that year and all I felt was more continuous pain. When it was on my nerves went crazy and again I was feeling intense sharp pains where the battery pack was. I continued to complain about the problems and eventually my pain doc just dropped me and the rep refused to answer my calls. I am now stuck with this device in my body that does not work and causes intense pain (even when off) and my new pain doc will not touch it. He says this is something the original doc should be taking care of and if he was honorable, he would remove it for me. Unfortunately the doc is not honorable and will not remove the unit. There was another patient in the office that I would talk to in the waiting room (we always seemed to have appointments at the same time) and she was having the same problems with her stim unit and the doc and rep were ignoring her as well. She too was eventually dropped. What I see is pain docs who push this unit and once they get the money, they don’t care about the patient and refuse to hear of any problems.

June 6, 2012 at 11:16 pm
(21) Francine says:

I just got asked about having this implanted today during my nerve block but after reading this I’m terrified. Are there any good results from this? I don’t need anymore pain or problems from what I am dealing with already.

June 12, 2012 at 6:16 pm
(22) funnybonepainnotfunny says:

I have an appointment. to set up a trial stimulator, and after reading some of these I wonder if I’m doing the right thing. I want it to work so bad and it seems like a great idea and then I read your experiences, I’m stuck in the mud here. Has anyone had an absolute good experience with at least 25-30n % relief ?

June 22, 2012 at 7:27 am
(23) Charles says:

I am now doing my trial for a week. I have had 5 surgeries on my back. The same day of the trial implant, my right leg was back to normal. This leg has been numb on the top of my thigh for about 8 years. Now I have the feeling back. I am reading all the comments on this site. This scares me a bit. I have read on many sites the stimulator only works on 50 to 60% of people that get it done. Well I hope I am one of those people. I have had very bad pain and have taken bottles and bottles of narcotics with not much relief. Bad pain in my lower back and pain in both legs are now gone with this trial stimulator.

July 11, 2012 at 12:28 pm
(24) Laura says:

Had a nuerostimulator inserted one and a half years ago for horrific lower back pain; I’ve been extremely satisfied ever since. I am now planning to have a spinal stimulator implanted (after a trial) for horrible burning, aching feet. These comments are not encouraging, however I feel each individual has different results.

July 13, 2012 at 1:00 am
(25) Some pain relief says:

One month ago today I had my scs implanted.. so far so good.. Happy to have some pain relief!!! I had my battery implanted in my stomach instead of lower buttocks. I am ver y happy so far with the pain relief.. I have been in pain for over 20 years I appreciate the relief I am geting from this surgery. This was my forth back surgery it was either the mophine pump or the scs .. Happy I did it but was very scared to get it done.. The surgery is painful and I dont think i will ever get 50 % of relief but some is better than none!! I am happy I did it .. Getting my life back.. I want to learn how to kite surf now. I only live once.. Dr Eric Gabriel @ St. Vincients in Jacksonville FL is awesome He doesnt talk much but he knows his stuff

July 24, 2012 at 6:07 am
(26) Carolyn Taylor says:

I originally had my stimulator implanted in 2005. The

July 24, 2012 at 6:24 am
(27) Carolyn Taylor says:

I originally had my trial and implant in May 05. I was expecting a little bit better results in my lower back, but the residual pain I had in both legs pretty well was covered. I have had a few issues with the leads falling. I have since had a revision on my leads as well as my battery in the buttocks in July 2012. They implanted in my left side ( the original pocket had had 2 battery changes) due to the battery flipping. I have since had issues with being shocked, in my back and buttock. The original stimulator didn’t need recharging. I have to be honest and say with regret.. I wish I had gone for the same style this time. I find recharging to be an issue. Especially right after surgery. I know another surgery is eminent due to my stimulator has once again I believe flipped. It sticks out of my rear app. 3/4 of an inch. It is causing great pain ( on top of the shocks). Did I mention, my prior surgery was in April of 2012…. Prior to the issues I have now, I have to say all in all, I was very pleased with the results that my stimulator provided. If I can offer any advice… You have apparently given this form of therapy a lot of consideration due to lack of pain control. If I had my dithers, I would once again go for the 10 year battery. No charging yourself into a wall. Good luck to you all, and if anyone is having that shocking problem, I would appreciate any guidance that you have to resolving the issue :)

August 8, 2012 at 8:44 pm
(28) Wally says:

I think anyone one should stop an think just how bad a doctor an a bad day can inpack the rest of your life! i had a spinal inplant put in 2010 an now i can say i kinda know what hell is ,i have done nothing but suffer from the pain.Hey don’t ask your doctor ask someone who life has been for ever in pain. don’t let them do it to you! read this i don’t think they will post the truth they have had a lot of problems with the Mini spinal cord stimulators. a lot of people just don’t know the problem is called TRUST!!!! a doctor is in it for the MONEY!!!!

August 8, 2012 at 11:50 pm
(29) Tricia Hodges says:

I just had the scs put in in June 2012..I have had severe pain in my left leg to where my leg gives out .I also experience shocking using restroom and shooting pains in the left side of my neck.Also,My lower back pain is more intense now it seems..Now My surgeon has dropped me an I have to go back to my family dr.She doesnt want to give me pain meds and if I dont have them I cant sleep due to the pain.I have alot of burning around where the battery is and where the leads are feels like Im getting shocked..Now she wants me to go to pain management..Please if anyone else experience this same let me know.Thank you Tricia

August 9, 2012 at 3:45 pm
(30) LindAa Thomas says:

I have had my SCS since 2000, I have had to have it replaced 3 times. The first time was because the battery died after about 9 months. The next time the leads stopped working, and I just had surgery this August of 2011 and I loved my SCS. I have RSD in my right leg, I only turned my unit on during the day and at night I turned it off during sleeping. THIS IS THE BEST THING I COULD HAVE DONE TO HELP ME WITH MY RSD. Good luck to you if you are thinking about having the procedure, and to those of you that have had problems I am so sorry that you have not been able to recieved the satisfaction of pain free during the use of your SCS. God bless each and everyone of you. Maybe you all should come to Atlanta, GA and let Dr. David Gale assist you. He’s the best.

August 10, 2012 at 8:18 pm
(31) Wally says:

i’m from south carolina where are all of you from ? I have had bad problems with the pain from the scs an from the so called good doctor!
he sure changed my life i’m now damned to bed wow what a life before i did have good days an it was just in my lower back now where, i where mutalated in upper back i’m screwed!!! I hope i can save just a few people from this.Wow what was we thinking when we put trust in a sales pitch…But i guss we was all trusting that a pain free are a lesser amount of pain would be GOD send.. i feel like i had the junke box at day care installed by the kids.

September 15, 2012 at 3:36 pm
(32) Joan says:

I had a spinal fusion of L 2,3 & 4 and 2 disks replaced with the hard spacers in 2001. I was down to surgery or a gun I was so out of control with pain.
Doc told me to never let anyone take out the hardward cage, so I SUFFERED and FROZE with that part until Nov 2010 when I demanded that the Doc remove the titanium rods and screws etcUnfortunatly I was sold on the idea of the internal stimulator prior to having the cage removed so it could all be done at the same time. The less surgeries the better and safer.
The test was wonderful, I slept for around 16 hrs without anyone having much success at waking me ( I was exhausted), and so I thought it was my best route to go. The stimulator worked pretty well for 2 months, I guess as I recouped from the surgery. The drugs I have to use so I can get out of bed and move around that they said would be cut down has not been. I wanted it out last year but they convinced me to retire it inside of me for now and since then I have been getting steadily worse. My back is always swollen to the point I cannot stand anything as slight as a light touch or even clothing touching me back there. I can’t lean back against anything, so I am up & down –down a lot. I cannot tell if the unit is on or off much of the time I have so much nerve pain. It still will help some with the nerve pain in my hips, legs and feet, but the trade off of dealing with the extra pain is not worth it, I just want it out of me.
I am scheduled for the Doc here Sept 24th 2012 and plan to demand it be taken out, after all I am hiring the Doc to work for me right? I am also going to request again to be given all the parts they remove. I’ll let you know what I see with an update after I get the parts in hand. I have the Boston Scientific model.


September 26, 2012 at 8:23 pm
(33) joseph murray says:

had scs implanted in 2008 best move i ever made. I had 2 back sugeries fusion l4 and l5 great pain in both legs now i can walk with no pain in my legs ive still got some pain in my lower back but I would do it all over again ive had no problems with my scs at all its a medtronic and i had a great dotor and hospital. joe

October 29, 2012 at 6:22 am
(34) Thomas says:

I had L5-S1 fused last December following the third time I blew out the disk. After 4 back operations the medications were making it impossible to function and my leg pain wasn’t addressed. I was given the choice of a Neurostimulator or morphine pump. I opted for the the Eon ENS implant in August 2012. I find that even with multiple programs to target specific areas of my foot they will not work simultaneously. I must choose between pain at tne end of my foot or around the ankle and heel. I still have to take the meds but have been able to decrease them by half. Sleeping is still a nightmare because I must either leave the ENS on and get jolted awake all through the night or turn it off and take sleeping pills and other meds. The latter leaves me dazed for the first few hours after I wake up. I also get random jolts when I move and the implant site in my left lower abdomen is still very tender post-op 2 months because the implant lies about 1/4″ inch under the scar. I would have to say the ENS HAS improved my life only in that I am able to take less medication although the pain issues are still there. I suppose I prefer my life this way as opposed to before the ENS but I still can’t work full time and pain is still an issue. I’d say implant success varies from person to person. Caveat emptor…

November 8, 2012 at 9:27 pm
(35) Renee says:

My seven day trial was just about 100% successful. I will be getting the permanent one in December. I have spoken with several people in my circle of friends and family who have one and got very positive replies from all. My daughter-in-law’s 80-plus year old grandmother has had one for about 5 years and has commented that it changed her life – for the best. Sounds like the surgeon is THE critical element in the process.

December 1, 2012 at 9:54 pm
(36) Beverly says:

I had a spinal cord stimultor put in my back ,the trial workked great but after two months of the scs i got a bad infecion aroud it and in my back I about died from this infection.I spent a week and three surgeies in the hospital not even knowing i was still alive.I would not recommend it to anyone.

December 3, 2012 at 6:38 pm
(37) dee says:

I got an SCS from Boston Scientific going on two years ago, it was the best decision I had ever made! I am active and able to work. The only issue I had was it moving from me losing weight and just had it fixed . Everyone is different in how it does for them

December 9, 2012 at 9:58 pm
(38) Karen says:

Had stim implant feb 2012 Big mistake. Had chronic foot pain. Told by dr that it was probably due to nerve damage from a disk herniation. His explanation sounded convincing. Before him no one was able to convince me of back survery. He made it sound like stim procedure would be a breeze I feel like I got blindsided because this was a back surgery. Medtronics rep said this procedure was like changing a tire for the dr. No big deal. So I just walked right into this This was furthest from the truth. Five days aft implant I developed a sharp pulsating pain on my right side Thought it would go away once everything healed. Not so. It has been 10 months and no improvement. Instead have more pain issues than before I had implant including pain at the battery site (buttocks) down to ankle of my right leg and stomach pain as well. Don’t know if all this is related but this all started after implant! So would I do it again knowing what I know now? NO ABSOLUTELY NOT, not worth this. Went for pain management and ended up creating more pain. The only thing I think now everyday is I wish I could go back a year and be the person I was then. I can’t get over the fact that I made this decision that I can’t change now. I just feel like a year ago didnt have this pain and i didnt need to have it now. Does anyone else feel like this? Also how do your families deal with the way pain changes life for everyone else as we’ll. hope this helps someone else my advice is don’t go chasing pain.

December 9, 2012 at 9:58 pm
(39) Karen says:

Had stim implant feb 2012 Big mistake. Had chronic foot pain. Told by dr that it was probably due to nerve damage from a disk herniation. His explanation sounded convincing. Before him no one was able to convince me of back survery. He made it sound like stim procedure would be a breeze I feel like I got blindsided because this was a back surgery. Medtronics rep said this procedure was like changing a tire for the dr. No big deal. So I just walked right into this This was furthest from the truth. Five days aft implant I developed a sharp pulsating pain on my right side Thought it would go away once everything healed. Not so. It has been 10 months and no improvement. Instead have more pain issues than before I had implant including pain at the battery site (buttocks) down to ankle of my right leg and stomach pain as well. Don’t know if all this is related but this all started after implant! So would I do it again knowing what I know now? NO ABSOLUTELY NOT, not worth this. Went for pain management and ended up creating more pain. The only thing I think now everyday is I wish I could go back a year and be the person I was then. I can’t get over the fact that I made this decision that I can’t change now. I just feel like a year ago didnt have this pain and i didnt need to have it now. Does anyone else feel like this? Also how do your families deal with the way pain changes life for everyone else as we’ll. hope this helps someone else my advice is don’t go chasing pain.

December 9, 2012 at 9:58 pm
(40) Karen says:

Had stim implant feb 2012 Big mistake. Had chronic foot pain. Told by dr that it was probably due to nerve damage from a disk herniation. His explanation sounded convincing. Before him no one was able to convince me of back survery. He made it sound like stim procedure would be a breeze I feel like I got blindsided because this was a back surgery. Medtronics rep said this procedure was like changing a tire for the dr. No big deal. So I just walked right into this This was furthest from the truth. Five days aft implant I developed a sharp pulsating pain on my right side Thought it would go away once everything healed. Not so. It has been 10 months and no improvement. Instead have more pain issues than before I had implant including pain at the battery site (buttocks) down to ankle of my right leg and stomach pain as well. Don’t know if all this is related but this all started after implant! So would I do it again knowing what I know now? NO ABSOLUTELY NOT, not worth this. Went for pain management and ended up creating more pain. The only thing I think now everyday is I wish I could go back a year and be the person I was then. I can’t get over the fact that I made this decision that I can’t change now. I just feel like a year ago didnt have this pain and i didnt need to have it now. Does anyone else feel like this? Also how do your families deal with the way pain changes life for everyone else as we’ll. hope this helps someone else my advice is don’t go chasing pain.

December 9, 2012 at 10:01 pm
(41) Karen says:

Had stim implant feb 2012 Big mistake. Had chronic foot pain. Told by dr that it was probably due to nerve damage from a disk herniation. His explanation sounded convincing. Before him no one was able to convince me of back surgery. He made it sound like stim procedure would be a breeze I feel like I got blindsided because this was a back surgery. Medtronics rep said this procedure was like changing a tire for the dr. No big deal. So I just walked right into this This was furthest from the truth. Five days aft implant I developed a sharp pulsating pain on my right side Thought it would go away once everything healed. Not so. It has been 10 months and no improvement. Instead have more pain issues than before I had implant including pain at the battery site (buttocks) down to ankle of my right leg and stomach pain as well. Don’t know if all this is related but this all started after implant! So would I do it again knowing what I know now? NO ABSOLUTELY NOT, not worth this. Went for pain management and ended up creating more pain. The only thing I think now everyday is I wish I could go back a year and be the person I was then. I can’t get over the fact that I made this decision that I can’t change now. I just feel like a year ago didnt have this pain and i didnt need to have it now. Does anyone else feel like this? Also how do your families deal with the way pain changes life for everyone else as we’ll. hope this helps someone else my advice is don’t go chasing pain.

December 9, 2012 at 10:27 pm
(42) Karen says:

Would not do it again knowing what I know now

December 23, 2012 at 1:30 pm
(43) anonymous says:

Has anyone ever looked into the possibility of ARACHNOIDITIS?


January 15, 2013 at 6:56 pm
(44) cooper says:

I have had my stimulator for four years now and have ran it only about an hour total. The leads accidentally got pulled and i had to have the procedure done again. It has never been the same since and I have more pain from the spot it was placed than ever before from everything combined. If you are considering it think long and hard about the negative impacts as well as the positive and how it may help or possibly hinder you

January 17, 2013 at 12:59 am
(45) sandra says:

When I married my husband I was already pregnant and so I didn’t have a job. He had a really good job though so I was able to stay home and take care of our son when it was born. When we had our second child we moved to a bigger house, but then strange things started to happen. Things would fly off the walls and doors would slam at night. Our oldest son talked about seeing figures and hearing voices. We consulted a medium and they said the house was haunted. After living there about a year more with only minor occurrences we moved out. That was when the bad luck started to happen. Everything started to fail, with my husband’s job, our money and our luck in general. I went back to the same medium and they told me that a spirit had followed me and placed a curse upon me for disturbing it and not being respectful in the previous house. He tried to remove it but was unable. The misfortune kept going on and getting more severe as I tried to search out someone to break the curse. But when I found Dr.Azonto spell he finally did it. Things started turning around almost immediately after he cast the spell and have been great from there! This was really a miracle for us, thank you Dr.Azontotemple@yahoo.com spell from the bottom of my heart!
Posted by. miss Sandra

January 17, 2013 at 8:46 am
(46) Bal says:

I have had a cervical spinal cord stimulator since July 2007, I have been extremely happy with the results. However, note it never took away all of the pain. It worked on the burning pain that was unrelenting, however, I still need to take muscle relaxers to address spasticity
In honesty having a little difficulty now controlling pain with stim but it still helps. But wouldn’t give up the improved years I have hade.

Some of my thoughts are.
If your pain is controlled by medication do
Not get a stun.

If u expect the stim to be a cure all do not get it.
If u want it to decrease your pain so u can function better go for it.

February 12, 2013 at 1:02 pm
(47) Kirsten says:

My dad recently had this device placed in his back. He really like the trial stimulator. Then he got the surgical device implanted. Please do not get this device. I have watched my father fall to the ground in pain when the battery would turn on by its self. Tomorrow he is receiving surgery to remove it and the other things along with it. The wires or cords came on done and where moving up and down his back. He is a police officer hurt in the line of duty yet he has to medically retire now because of this device. He is only 38 years old and it is not fair that these doctors lied to him and told him his life would get better. IT WON’T. He was told one wrong move and he can be paralyzed for life. I just want my dad to be healthy and be able to do things with me and my sisters. He has his good days and bad days. I hope after this surgery that’s it. Please do not get this device it will only hurt you and the ones around you.

February 13, 2013 at 7:12 pm
(48) Margaret says:

I cannot find an answer to my question anywhere online: I was billed $12,800 for the trial spinal cord implant device (my insurance pays 80%). But since I decided not to get the permanent implant and the trial device was removed, why did I have to pay for it if I don’t own it? What happens to the trial devices after they take them out? This seems a bit scammy to me. I have not called my insurance co., the device manufacturor, or my doctor’s office yet; I wanted to get some feedback from other trial users first. Thanks.

February 15, 2013 at 12:41 pm
(49) christine says:

I had scs placed in 07, revised in 08, replaced, revised in 09 and a total replacement in 2011 never orked after that , wouldnt urn on or respond at all then the first of august i was standing looking at tractors( keep in mind it would not turn on) i felt the worst pain in my life fell to the groud to find out my stimulator blew is the best i ca describe it, 6 surgeries to findd all the parts still have one moving around, it is plastic so it will ot show on xrays. I had the stimultor put in after many surgerie on foot and pain medicine makes me sick now I stuggle everyda with walikng, and being constantly sick from meds and numerous back surgeries whic require inections from scar tissue. it will be a life struggle. I was depresed but thank god, I have a woderful mother to get through all this

February 27, 2013 at 11:25 am
(50) linda says:

I was looking for some good things about the stimbut,have not sean them. I have the scs and I am getting ready to have new lead put in. Wanted to see about other people and now I’m not so sure? Our their any good stories out there??? Hope to get more cover with new leads . Now what to do??? ANY HELP OUT THERE??????????????????

March 7, 2013 at 6:57 pm
(51) Annie says:

I got a spinal cord stimulator (two leads) implanted a year ago at the Northern Private Pain Centre and it was the best decision I’ve made. I still get pain, but its nothing like what it was. My life has turned around. I can garden again and play with my kids. I can’t recommend it enough.

March 9, 2013 at 5:27 pm
(52) Jenene says:

I was diagnosed with CRPS several years ago. I was experiencing 100+ “stings” daily, with most being in the 8 – 10 range. The SCS was implanted a couple years ago & the relief was almost miraculous. Unfortunately, when I insisted that it was time to ween off of the narcotics, I discovered that my body is REJECTING the leads, wires, and battery. It would have been GREAT if anyone at the Pain Clinic or Medtronic had actually read my chart. I have been diagnosed with many serious auto-immune diseases, therefor I am NOT a candidate for ANY implant. I trusted all of the professionals & never thought for a second that I could reject the unit. Now I have to take steroids to De-sensitize my body, thus making the unit more tolerable. What a nightmare this has been. Any other experience REJECTION of their SCS?

March 10, 2013 at 7:17 am
(53) DickieAnn says:

I have had 9 back surgeries and have been in constant pain since 1986. Against my better judgment, I was convinced that I should get a stimulator so that I could cut down on the pain medication and improve the quality of my life. The insertion of the trial stimulator was much worse than I ever envisioned. The trial went well for 24 hours and then I began to experience severe burning pain down my right leg which progressed to both legs. I went to the ER and had the trial device removed. It is now 8 days since the removal and I am still in more pain than I was before the trial. I am still having some burning leg pain. The stimulator helps some people, but if the trial alone can cause problems one really needs to THINK before going down this road. The doctor tried to get me to say that the pain had been there all along. I question the push to get me to agree to this procedure and I had the distinct feeling that he was very unhappy about my decision to stop the trial. I like the concept of the stimulator, but not the reality.

March 18, 2013 at 2:47 pm
(54) Ikimmi says:

I’ve had RSD in my left foot since 2004 and after becoming opiate resistant in 2010 I had the Boston Scientific SCS implanted. My test drive before the permanent implant went great but after the permanent implant the programming has never been right. I had the most relief when the stim was located in my groin area which did cause problems with my bathroom habits. The rep said that he had never heard of that before (he needs to read these posts).
After being reprogrammed 7 or 8 times and still not getting good relief I have just stopped using it unless I’m traveling and have to sit for more than an hour.
Last year my left buttock started having pain at the battery site (where the battery now has came out of the pocket) and I can feel over half of the edges poking thru my skin. I can’t find a doctor on my new insurance plan that will do anything to help me get out of pain at the battery site.
My original doctor is in another city and I can’t afford to pay out of pocket.
I guess my suggestion would be, don’t put anything foreign in your body. It doesn’t fix what is causing your pain it only covers it up if it even does that. Mine feels like a swarm of bees have been put under my skin. I’ve even turned it on to feel the pain just so I can get relief by turning it off.
Don’t do it!

April 4, 2013 at 11:37 am
(55) karen says:

My Dad has the stimulator. No pain. BUT, he can hardly walk now and is ALWAYS fatigued. Anyone else?

April 10, 2013 at 5:20 pm
(56) hartman says:

dear kristin i hope it isn’t too late to tell you no don’t do the spinal stimulator,your neopahty in your feet can be stopped by just taking one B-complex vitamin per day ! I saw results in one week,now i don’t have it at all as long as I take the B- Complex vitamin. good news!

April 20, 2013 at 9:59 pm
(57) Lyndee says:

I have vulvodynia pain in my genitals, inside and out. I tried the implant test and seemed to get some relief from the constant cronic pain. But after reading this I am really afraid to even try it. Any one else get it for vulva pain??
Sounds like most of you have bad results and regrets that you did it. I am in so much pain it is excruciating, but if this caused me more paim I would put a gun to my head…………..

May 19, 2013 at 6:39 am
(58) Ann says:

Rush Chicago Dr Jaycox my situation is a little different I had a heel spur removed Jan 2010 the Ortho kicked a nerve OMG the pain I tried phys therapy pain pills of every kind so July 2012 I had the trial box put on then in Aug put in perm in Sept it was my body had nothing with the box or dr my wound would not close I have a Medtronic box rechargeable its a miracle to me ya I had to get use to the ripple feeling down my leg but I would say I am 95% pain free I can tell I need a charge the pain gets worse……I have nothing but good things to say the company reps worked with me I can walk the zoo and live my life again. I can only tell you my story every one is different and oh ya I have the same company pacemaker in my left upper shoulder and they are compatable ex my spelling. Best wishes to all who consider this it has been a God sent for me…..

May 19, 2013 at 9:04 pm
(59) Popeye says:

I received the SCS on Feb 2013. Which was a failed surgery do to sergeon damaged the leads and the placement wasn’t correctly install. I also had a 39 cc hemotoma. A couple months later I went in for a redo. The sergeon removed the SCS and replaced it with a new one. After wakening up in the recevery room. I had the worst pain that I felt in my entire life. The nurses in the rcovery room could not control the pain I was in. So they decided to turn on the Spinal Stimulator remote to see if it would work for the pain. It went on but it was set on at full power. I started screaming due to the pain (more pain now). I kept screaming at the nurses to shut it off. What reply I got from the nurses is “How do you shut this thing off”. It was a total of a minute and a half with the spinal stimulator on. I eneded up having all my stomach muscles torn/pulled. I was admitted into the hosp(it was a outpatient surgery) I eneded up staying in the hospital for a total of 4 day and 3 nightas. I had lumbar problems and now I have Thoracic nerves damage. I wasn’t educated from manufacture nor from doctos’s with operating spinal stimulator. I’m worse off with lumbar and now added my thoracic pain. I can’t walk or sleep due to pain. It’s overrated and it’s a business like going to a used car lot. The reps and the medical staff will push you till you say “Yes I want it done”.
Everyone is differant and your body will take it differant. Once you go in for surgery. You’ll notice that you are like cattle coming and going from surgery. Many surgeries done in oneday. I I would go back to that doctors office and if I ee that manufacture rep. I would break my hand by punching the 2 in the face.

May 27, 2013 at 6:54 pm
(60) Nicholas Zuklic says:

I got the SCS put in my back in 2010, and for the most part it has been successful. There are times in the year where my back might need a shot, or a procedure that is called radio frequency. This is where the nerves are burned in the area, and usually grow back in a year on the average. My back relief from the SCS is around 40 to 50% successful. The weather that really kills me is the rainy and damp days, and the winter months at times. Right now I am having my second crack at a neck stimulator trial. First one was a failure in that it only covered my arms, and that felt like I was being electrocuted. This time it will be put in the middle of my head in back. What I was told is that if it really helps, the battery in my back will have four leads, two for my back and two for my neck. I know how you all feel, it does suck having pain every day.

May 28, 2013 at 6:44 pm
(61) Ronnie says:

Just had trial put in today I still have pain and where they put the leads are extremely painful. Also the tingling is extremely annoying I can’t wait to have this taken out. But I truly was hoping this would work. I don’t know what to do now surgery is out. Any suggestions.

May 30, 2013 at 9:45 pm
(62) Speckopolis says:

I was undecided before I came to this site, and now I am even more conflicted! I don’t know if I should attempt this or not. My doc has recently recommended that I go to pain management (for my rx mainly–now that the laws are changing about narcotics). I have had 3 fusions.. L4/5 (TWICE) and L3/4.. Now, according to a dermatome chart, the symptoms I have now are probably L2/3 but he doesn’t want to see me for that. He has just said “go to the scs consultants for a consultation.” I guess I’m on my way out of that surgeon’s door… haha… anyway- I don’t know if this is what I want, or if I should just stay on the Percoset and Lyrica. I’ve been doing that for a few years and can control it for the most part. Thanks to gov’t cutbacks, my hubby gets furloughed for the next 3 months and I don’t work because I am on disability for my back. I can’t walk far, cant sit or stand for very long, and work for a major airline. (If I’m able to go back, that is- I have been off on med leave for almost 3 years. At 3 years, they will let me go.) I keep trying to get back to work, and something else happens. Will this help or not…?Hmmm…

May 31, 2013 at 9:53 am
(63) Nene says:

I have RSD and has had it for years and I am also considering the Stimulator but now reading this I am very nervous. I really did not want to get nerve blocks but maybe that will be better than the Stimunlator. I have such pain that I REFUSE to create more by having that procedure. I am so confused bnow more so than before. So if the trial isn’t the same feeling as the permanent one then why do the trial. Oh man I guess I have alot meore research ahead of me.

June 4, 2013 at 6:53 pm
(64) Ray says:

I have had my stimulator for about 7 years…I am on my second….I do not know what I would do without it…..I wish it went to my neck also
I use mine almost every night and when ever my back, legs, and hips are hurting witch is everyday…(I call it boyfriend)

What a great replacement for drugs

June 7, 2013 at 7:24 am
(65) Jimmae says:

I am getting the stimulator implant trial this afternoon. I’ve had my back seriously injured in a riot at a state confinement facility as a correction officer in 1989. I’ve have enough surgeries on my back that they had to go through the stomach the last time in 2010 to implant spacers in my vertebrate. I’ve tried everything, I refuse to have to take pain meds all my life. 34 plus yrs us too long for anyone to go through the chronic back pain. I will update this in 1 wk to let you know if I have any success with the stimulator. I am keeping an open mind, and will see if this helps. Wish me luck……….

June 7, 2013 at 10:47 pm
(66) TAMMY says:

Had the SCS implanted in January, 2013. Horrible mistake, the trial will fool you. Having wires only is not the same as having the complete device implanted. The stimulator does help the neuropathy and RSD foot pain but I have severe back pain sometimes to the point of not being able to stand up. I have not been able to get of off any medications including those for pain …in fact I probably take more. I take three muscle relaxers a day for the muscle spasms was at two before the implant. I can’t wait to have it removed in fact the sooner the better. The drs do not give all the info needed to patients they are looking for the sale. I have told them every visit about the problems and there is always an excuse for what is wrong. Had I found this sight I would not have had the implant done. Please listen to what people are saying and consider the cons carefully. Also be careful when considering an epidural steriod injection, this is how I ended up like I am. The doctor (not the pain management dr I have now) did not use the X-ray method and blew out the nerves in my back causing nerve damage and RSD in my left foot. Do not let anyone put you to sleep and bend you over a table to do these injections it is simply playing Russian roulette with you back I don’t care how many you have had done this way it only takes one time to ruin your life. Not once did the other doctor tell me that I may have permanent damage or be in a wheel chair.

June 17, 2013 at 9:38 pm
(67) jay says:

Had mine put in on 4-4-13…works to take the edge off the pain very well…..already had an injection in my back also but it does take the edge off of the pain.

June 23, 2013 at 2:12 pm
(68) Deb says:

WOW… I have but PRAISE for my SCS… Since having it implanted in November of 2011 I have had tremendous relief in my lower back and leg pain and a reduction of more than HALF of my pain medication! I LOVE IT!!! I had 2 back surgeries and have L3-L5 fused together.. I tried all the useless steroid shots with NO relief and the chronic pain was more than I could bear anymore. My doctors had all recommended this procedure more than a year before I finally had the nerve to go thru with the trial from Boston Scientific. The reps were very personable and answered all my questions and I was even able to talk with a couple of patients that had the SCS implanted. I have had NO problems with the device OR the procedure. I only wish I had done it sooner. My sister just had it done last month because of the success I had with mine and she loves it. She is on her feet at work for 8 hours a day in heels and she has had SO much relief. She smiles again. I have another friend trying to get it as well. Hope this helps all the people who are on the fence about having the procedure done. More people need to speak up on how GREAT the SCS works for them! It has CHANGED MY LIFE! I now go hiking 3 to 7 miles EVERY Saturday in Red Rock Canyon in NV and have been able to lose 20 lbs. because I am active again. I LOVE IT!

June 25, 2013 at 2:52 pm
(69) Tommy says:

I received the trial stimulator on Friday. I was in a lot of pain for the first couple days because I had a lot of stenosis and scar tissue that the doc had to go through. The wires were kinda floating around in fluid, so I could not really tell if it was working. It was not working on the left side nor was it hitting the spot that I have the pain (lower lumbar). I was supposed to get it taken out on Monday, but when I told them what was going on they decided to have me keep it in until Wednesday. They reprogrammed it to the right spots and now I can feel the vibrations in my lower back and hips, however, I am getting a sharp pain in my chest and upper back when I turn it up. I am unsure of what to do after reading all these postings. I am becomming immuned to the hydrocone 10′s unless I take more than the recommended dosage, which will end up hurting my liver. My wife is a nurse and is getting tired of me taking the meds and I am tired of taking them because I continually run out a couple of days before the next script. I want to do this for her and for me, but I am kinda scared now and I dont want to be put through what some of you have been put through and I am sure my wife doesnt want that either. What should I do?

July 3, 2013 at 1:44 pm
(70) Michelle K says:

WOW is a good thing I not only read this thread but I ALSO called the office of the leading RSD Doctor in the world (dr Schwartzman) I have a most rare and severe case of full body RSD and was on hospice…if that tells you how bad it is. After having an interthecal morphine pump and some relief I am being pressured by sales rep and doc to get a scs. Thank God I did NOT go thru this as I almost did but the pacemaker rep couldnt be there. After reading this and many other articles and AFTER talking to a nurse who worked for Dr. S.,,,I am NOT willing to take this great risk and then end up worse. If Dr Schwartzman, the leading RSD doc in the world said no to scs for RSD/CRPS then that is enough proof for me! Funny how the reps and docs do not tell you of the possible similar negative outcomes that I am reading about and the real fact that they stand to lose out on over $ 40,000 if you decide not to have the procedure….but in all I have read on many sites..if you are one of the many unlucky ones and end up worse, or if there is even a 10% chance I could end up like those unfortunate kind hearted people who wrote here…and the fact that those with dollar signs in their heads trying to get you to have this done possibly will soon abandon you after the money is paid and u have problems???.The mere thought of being abandoned and left alone and hurting worse. THANKS for the info but NO THANKS for me. Im sorry that some had to find out the hard way and I pray you get some relief. Is a shame that greed trumps telling patients the whole facts as I was told only rainbows and roses and full pain relief….and that makes me have trust issues. Ketamine worked great for me for over a year so I will go back again for a few short doses. Thank you everyone I will just say no to any chance of worsening my very severe full body RSD

July 20, 2013 at 10:11 am
(71) ross bayer says:

I just had this procedure done on wed. on the right side by Dr. Porter Mc Roberts of ft Lauderdale fl. After 3 years and 17 days of chronic back pain going down to my feet which felt 5 times to big burning. Woke up today with out pain on the right side, go for the left side July 31. After years of pain killers and at times i thought there was no hope i also was thinking of checking myself out, did not want to live in this kind of pain and be a grumpy old man and burden to my wife. I am 63 years old and i am back and happy again. Thank you so so much Dr. McRoberts. Ross Bayer or ( Fungi )

July 21, 2013 at 12:04 am
(72) Ross Bayer says:

I am sorry i put what i had done in the wrong box. 2 nerve blocks the first worked great second ok. Then went in for nerve ablation which has cured me, go back for left side on july 31 can”t wait had a great day with my wife and grandkids today. Wish you all the best. Ross Bayer of Boca Raton fl.

July 29, 2013 at 3:44 pm
(73) Robert Dutille says:

I won’t waste our time with details..I woke up during implant surgery. my scalp received a laceration that took six staples to close. Drs. kie, they don’t examine previous records.When something gies wrong,they take off. Stimulator never had any benefit to me..Dr. said he would remove it but now I’m too terrified to go thru that kind of pain again.

July 30, 2013 at 5:47 am
(74) Robert Dutille says:

To say i was railroaded into the stimulator would be an understatement. The trail provided some muscle releif but magnified the nerve issues. The Dr. and the rep said if i didn’t say it provide at least fifty percent releif then ins. wouldn’t approve it. I said that i couldn’t say that. I guess somebody said it,two weeks later i had the surgery. I was told that if i didn’t gp through with it then ins would drop me for not following Drs. orders.

July 30, 2013 at 2:14 pm
(75) Michelle says:

I have had my implant for 5 yrs and yes its helps its not to be used as a cure all it dosent make it were you can do things you cant do after back surgry it only helps the ease the pain thats what its for I am very happy with mine because my pain is not as bad anyone who has had a back surgry go bad knows you cannot lift over 20bls you have to be carful not to twist and always bend at the knees if you want your old life back its not going to happen.

August 3, 2013 at 11:07 am
(76) Ross Bayer says:

Had the left side done for the Ablation on Wed. Today is the first day i feel great after 3 years of sufferings.With back pain and no feelings in my legs from knee down,both feet were dead. Today i feel my legs and feet, still toes are a little numb, They say it takes 3 weeks to feel full affect. they tried to talk me into the morphine pack with pins in the nerve,with a button under the skin to use as needed. ALSO THE STIMULATOR, BUT DECLINED BOTH! So glad i chose the ablation. Now to get off this morphine down to 2 pills a day been splitting them. ! 1 pill by next week and i am done! Have a great day Ross

August 11, 2013 at 1:51 am
(77) michelle says:

I do not recomend this stimulator to any one. I had mine implanted in March 2011 and Ive am in worse pain. Two days after my surgery i got the termors, my whole body shook for like two weeks . I was told it had nothing to do with the implant. Wish I would of never had the St. Jude Stim implanted. I can barley stand, battery sticks way out of my back, causing extreme pain. Please think a million times before you do it.

August 11, 2013 at 8:02 pm
(78) Nina Johnson says:

Biggest regret I’ve ever made, no real pain relief….like a mild TENS unit at best. It malfunctioned when I had a fall in Dec. 12. The battery has malfunctioned and I am in excruciating pain, like childbirth only much longer and non stop. I have been to the emergency room, and my physician and am awaiting neurosurgey to have it removed asap! It costs over $200,000 total though my insurance paid for most of it. The doctors ate REALLY pushing it for fees. Many people are being pressured to get one. I sent friends to my Pain Management doctor that convinced me to get it in order to get off pain meds. Some of my friends quit seeing the doctor because of pressure put on them to get the device. I talked to a large number of people in his waiting room for follow-up visits, and in other doctors offices that all regretted getting it, or were sorely disappointed in the effects, most just turned it off. Mine was so painful after my fall I had to turn it off. When Medtronics tried to reprogram it the pain was terrible. When I tried to recharge it recently for them to give it one more try it went haywire! It was very painful to charge and then a couple of days later excruciating as if the battery acid is leaking. It feels like a giant hot poker is jammed into my buttock. Nothing less than sedation eases the pain. They have given me morphine, toredol, hydrocodone and a myriad of other drugs trying to help me survive until it can be removed. Don’t get one!!!! The money would be better spent in many other ways. I have had surgery on my upper degenerated discs nearly 10 years ago. After a short period of discomfort after the surgery they have been fine. Get surgery or some other method of treatment. DO NOT HAVE A MEDTRONIC SPINAL STIMULATOR IMPLANT!!!!”!”"”" SAVE YOURSELF PAIN, MONEY AND UNBEARABLE PAIN.

August 20, 2013 at 2:33 pm
(79) F-J says:

I have had scs over 16 years and I would not EVER have it removed. It gave me my life back. Sure, there’s are issues that come up but on the huge scale of things … I will never ever have it taken out. The companies I used I have never had an issue that could not be fixed. People need to realize that the possiblities ever being back to “normal” probably won’t happen. But the relief I have is so much beter than before. DO your research. Understand that everyone has a different response so please don’t go on one response only. I feel I can give info because I have had them for so long. Is it a walk in the park? No … but I don’t feel like I’m swimming up stream either. I accept what I have back and it makes me mighty happy. Just my opinion.

August 21, 2013 at 11:16 am
(80) Worn-Out Warren says:

I’m being pushed into getting Stim implant. We haven’t tried “real” pain meds ie: vicodin or any other opioids. Cymbalta has only reduced the burning in my legs. My friend sold a car that had the Check Engine Light on, he reached under the dashboard and removed the light bulb behind the Check engine light and said. .. there… fixed. He is no better then my Pain Doctors.

August 26, 2013 at 12:18 pm
(81) Ross Bayer says:

Ross here! Well i do not know what to say, went off morphine for 3 days. My back is killing me in tears and bed ridden. Pain is gone on the sides but run right up the middle of my spine now, so sick of this s- – - t. He knew from the beginning this was not going to work! Tells me I need a back fusion. Screw them all., is not going to happen. I brought my disc their and saw the discs right up against the nerve. I really trusted him but here was after the money instead of letting me walk out the door. Also tried to talk me into stimulator, but told him i have a tens unit and it hurts more when i use it before he came clean and told me i needed surgery. What a waste of time and money! pissed off thought i was cured. Hope everyone else has better luck.

August 27, 2013 at 9:46 pm
(82) kathy m says:

I got a stimulator a year ago this past july and it do not cover all the pain my back still hurts the spot where the battery is still hurts my calf is so bad that when I go in cold places i need to cover my leg …. maybe it work for some people but not me. The pain I went through to get this and now the pain i’m still in do not add up. and still got another shot that made # 15. like i said maybe good for you just not ME!

August 29, 2013 at 12:57 pm
(83) sherry says:

I have lacrosse encephalitsis and have severe leg pain for over 4 years, they told me they will no longer give me my pain meds and gave me a choice of the BS SCS or group therapy to learn how to “live with ” my pain. with out my pain meds I have to crawl to the bathroom or to get a drink I cant even stand up or walk. I have read all these post and I am so scare and confused on what to do. I feel the only option I have is to get this SCS and pray that it works. I welcome any feedback as I am desparate and need answers quickly. thank you

September 11, 2013 at 12:14 am
(84) Katherine says:

Had a Boston Scientific implant done in July. I feel it has helped with appx. 30% of my pain. I am still on pain meds. Doc and rep says it takes up to 6 months to totally heal so right now everything is still positional. I feel it in my back, but not where I really need it to be. I’ve had 5 spinal surgeries including a fusion in 2011. Most of the sensation fromt he scs goes to my legs so I have to keep meeting with the rep to have it reprogrammed. It seems to work OK for a week or so, then the sensations are back to my legs. He says that it is still healing and once the scar tissue forms around the leads to hold them “still”, it should work better. The only other problem I have is that when I charge the battery it hurts so bad. I get a bad throbbing and pain and I get extremely nauseous. I can only charge it for appx 1/2 hr and then have to stop because of the pain from charging it. I mentioned it to the rep who told me to tell the doctor, who told me to tell the rep. ugh…. I am hoping that it gets better in time since its only been about 7 weeks since it was implanted. Has anyone else had problems with charging? Thanks :)

September 16, 2013 at 4:16 pm
(85) sydnee says:

I had a Medtronic implanted in July for severe lower back pain after 4 lumbar fusion surgeries. I didn’t have great success with the trial but the sales reps and the doctors were pushing me for the permanent implant. Since nothing was helping, I decided to try it. After 2 months I have slight relief in my legs but my lower back is no better. Plus I now have terrible headaches that feel like a cross between a migraine and a spinal headache. Some days they are so bad that I can’t stand up.
Like Katherine, the reps keep telling me to give it 6 months of reprograming. I have had it “adjusted” 3 times already. Since I have no other options, I am giving it the 6 months with my fingers crossed.
I understand that it was a bit of a gamble but unfortunately I might have had better luck winning the lottery.

September 16, 2013 at 4:35 pm
(86) Daniel says:

Suffice to say,I know exactly how the “new generation”of docs and surgeons work..money,do what the DEA tells them and the patient be damned..
Yes,I have had numerous failed spine surgeries and everything that goes with it..ad nauseum.
As a stockbroker,I followed Medtronic St Jons and Boston Scientific for clients who wanted total risk.I know about the docs free trips/kickbacks bla bla.
This am I met with an honest Doc and I know I must take the chance,
but this man was professional…so it either this or stay in my condo alone’till God calls.My German Shepherd Dog and best friend passed away at ten in spring so I do not care anymore.Good Luck to all.

September 19, 2013 at 11:38 am
(87) Danny Saunders says:

I have a spinal cord injury and the pain associated with this type of injury causes me to think about ramming my head into a brick wall. My pains are always level 10, so I decided on the SPS and this is my second day of the trial. During the surgery a set of nerves were trigered and I have been in screaming agony for 20 hours at this time. Ths SPS does not cover my feet where I am having the most trouble with pain. Has anyone out there have the same problem with the SPS not covering certain area. Maybe my Dr. did not know where to put the electrodes and therefor not covering my feet. Any imput would help. Thanks,

October 19, 2013 at 4:05 pm
(88) Susan says:

I had a Laminectomy in 2008 on S1 L2 L3 L4 L5. Before and after surgery sitting was always painful! Had very little comfort after Laminectomy. No fusion. No other back surgeries but other pain management treatment procedures and refused a stimulator as I saw it as a Band-aid.. For years I was getting pain in rt., lft groin, rt. lft leg with knee and ankle pain prominent. Sitting can be horrible. Had Radio Frequency done. Worked on right leg, not left. Sleeping could not get comfortable! Have ALWAYS denied medication. Pain took some of my life away and did not want medication to take all my independence away!
Pain Management Dr. voted best doc in country 4 times with a wonderful personality, humor and honesty, experience all in one. Well, I gave in to a Medtronic Stimulator! Trial went well. Had it in for 5 days. Thought I would get back to my love of horses and my life back! Surgical leads were implanted on Sept. 12, 2013. A Neuro-Surgeron did the implant. Told me batter would be implanted on upper buttock! Battery implanted on my WAIST!!!!!!!!!!!!! Husband and I had office visit. I told him I am worse!!!! I have paint rt. leg! Pelvis area, pain S 1 L 2 L3 L4 L5 and surrounding area! sleeping worse, sitting!! Passenger in car, knee so painful, driving! dinner table! Stimulator does not work! I am worse. Put stimulator on for right side leeds are effected and chest feels so heavy front and back!! I can not sit back due to battery!!! Told surgeon want this OUT! He refused. Said I need stimulator programed more! Told him I am worse!! Pain med’s cloud the mind and I don’t want everything taken from me. Wine helps a little but caution with that too! Thanks for listening and I would love to hear from you.

October 28, 2013 at 8:14 pm
(89) BETTY says:


October 28, 2013 at 8:36 pm
(90) BETTY says:

I had my scs put in on 10-11-2013. I have had dizziness & passing-out spells since. I thought it was because of the pain pills I was taking.(and the dr didn’t disagree, so he gave me milder pains meds). the same thing kept happening. I had passed out 4 times and stay dizzy all the time. I have to use a cane just to walk thru the house. I wish I had checked on this before I had it done. I am going to get my dr to take it back out. I can’t even turn over in bed because of the dizziness. it’s not worth all this to me. my husband won’t even leave me alone for any length of time. we haven’t even got to go to church since this and I sure do miss my church.

November 4, 2013 at 1:12 am
(91) Senora says:

Hello All.
I had the Boston Science spinal cord stimulator trial implant and was so impressed witb the results that I went forward with the true implant. I suffer from nerve damage that radiates pain across my lower back and throughout both legs, especially my right leg. After two canceled surgery dates, I was about to drop out of the program. I was assigned a lesser experienced surgeon. I’ve had a few surgeries that caused a substantial amount of scar tissue. During the surgery, the paddle lead would not go through the scar tissue easily and went off course several times ending up on a set of nerves. Once the unit was turned on the pain was outrageous! My tech killed the paddle so now the range of
sensation is limited mainly to my left

November 4, 2013 at 1:43 am
(92) Senora says:

(Cont. Here As my phone would not complete the task.)
Side. The pain in my rib is constant sand excruciating! I called the surgeons office to advice that after a week and a half after the surgery. The surgeons assistant called me back to tell me that surgeon told me to hold out until my scheduled appt. 5 days later. What Dr. Does That ? The day of my appt. An hour before. His assistant called to cancel due to an emergency. I lost it!!! Long story short, I got to see the surgeon who was originally recomened. She had actually sat inon my surgery. He said that the scar tissue made it an extremely difficult procedure. I know have to go bafk in to have the paddle removed. I refuse to have the orignal surgeon do it. Not because of his skill, but his post care, compassion and my trust in him are gone . So I eat percocet like tictacs, I’m having waves of anxiety and thoughts of suicide. It will be qtleast two weeks before I can get this done.
I feel that the device has been a benefit when I can use it. But as soon as it is turned on it “stabs” me in my ribs.
If you have knowledge that you have scare tissue, make sure that the surgeon goes over the possible problems that may occur. This has been a hellish experience. Measure, research and question .

November 4, 2013 at 1:56 am
(93) Senora says:

I don’t know why my above comments did not properly post. But the paddle will have to be removed and i refuse to let the original surgeon do it.. Now i have to wait to see the other surgeon. I’m in constant pain . I’ve been read flagged by my pharmacy. The paddle is on nerves . If I’d known the the scar tiswue would have been a problem i would never have gone worth with it.
The device does help it didn’t hit me in my left rib. More pain now than i had prior to the surgery.

Maybe my other comment will post but I think that I used taboo words.

November 18, 2013 at 9:21 pm
(94) Patricia says:

DO NOT do the spinal stimulator!! BIGGEST mistake of my life. I wish I had listened to the little voice in my head. I told the doctor I felt DUMB because I didn’t understand even the trial. After I did it, I was SURE I had no idea what was done!! I heard the “this is your last hope for pain relief” line too. I WILL NOT DO THE REAL ONE NO MATTER WHAT!!! I now have to wait a MONTH to even see the doctor!! Nice guy? He could care less about me and the fact I have more pain now? I should have known not to trust a doctor who drives a Jaguar!!! $$$$$$$$ HUNGRY, that’s all!!

November 19, 2013 at 8:04 pm
(95) Terri says:

i suffered with a headache for over a year after the scs my headaches are gone also have one for lower back and am happy to say i am off pain meds and lead a pretty normal life, i think research of the doctor doing the procedure is very important it is the best thing that could have happened to me

November 27, 2013 at 9:39 am
(96) Senora says:

Had the paddle removed oon Oct. 14, and the pain is gone. But the scar left being will remind me of my false hope.
The device powers down after 5 mins each time it’s used. Don’t know if this can be fixed by the company technician. No More Cutting, No more revisions!
Device can be useful for many. Just carefully select your surgeon.

November 29, 2013 at 11:50 pm
(97) Gerald Rodriguez says:

In 2012 I was told by the Dr. that the SCS was going to take my pain away.
I had the trial but with all the meds I didn’t feel much after it was put on. The Dr. asked me and the technical guy how it worked, told them I couldn’t tell but asked them if I had it put on and if it doesn’t work in about a year
would it be removed? They told me yes at the time and that was back in June 11,2012. well this has not worked for me they have work on it every time I see the Dr. and tell him I still have pain. they have worked on it about 4 or 5 times still nothing. Now Im getting lots of pain on the right side where the SCS is at all over down the butt area and also still have pain on my lower back spinal area down my both legs. Now hopefully it will be removed I have to see another Dr. On Dec 4,2013 to check me out and it should be removed. I will say don’t have this done the SCS its a bad ideal.

December 4, 2013 at 4:24 pm
(98) Mick says:

I have to wonder what some of the posters real pain level was. Pain is subjective and having a surgeon implant an SCS requires, at minimum, two incision points. Incision points are ALWAYS going to be a source of itching, pain, and irritation. Mayo Clinic told me that if I can imagine the pain of someone slicing into my back would be more than the pain being exerpienced, then the experienced pain does not warrant an SCS. I work 50 hour weeks in pain, refuse narcotics so I dont become addicted (or sorry for those justifying it as ‘dependent’). Interestingly at Mayo, there were two types…. those who wanted to feel better and those who wanted to tell someone about their pain. Anyhow, have an SCS and, in my case, the 50% relief is worth every complication….and I have them. Have to shut down to use the toilet, batter incision point is ultra sensitive right in the belt line, band interference into stomach. It appears folks are quick to complain. I love the SCS, and it is exactly what the doctor said it would be: a risk, probable sourse of new pain, and an opportunity to try something different. Just because it doesnt work, doesnt me you stop trying to get better, find relief, and live your life. (Just please dont jump on disability and/or narcotics)… if you are already there, find a good pain specialist to work with and get off them… if your pain specialist is liberal with the narcotics, question that?

December 22, 2013 at 2:00 pm
(99) julz says:

It was very interesting reading the comments especially after the side effects. I’m 3 – 4 weeks in after my op and realise it was a humungous mistake. the rep told me it was the size of a 50c piece and its much bigger! I was admitted by ambulance to hospital 2 days after it was implanted with trouble breathing, nausea, dizziness, incredible pain and I’d lost all the colour in my face. it scared my neighbour who was with me at the time and she rang for the ambulance. I won’t be able to return to my job fulltime as I’m so limited in movement and can’t lift anything heavier than 5kg. I’m heartbroken i love my job. This seemed like the only way out as I have spina bifida so I have a hole in my spine and I was hit by a car that damaged my nerves. My follow up is in a couple of weeks and now I know it’s not just me with these symptoms so nownim armed with information. Thank you!

January 10, 2014 at 4:16 pm
(100) Kimberly Attkisson says:

I was having sever pain due to CRPS, trying to get some kind of relief, I tried everything, injections, therapy, cortisone shots, even had a Thoracic Sympathectomy (don’t EVER get this) nothing worked. Finally, 2 years and 11 surgeries/procedures later, I agreed to bow down to the SCS, this was truly my last hope. April of 2013 I had the Boston Scientific SCS implant surgery, itís located on my left side of my back near my shoulder blade. The leads go up the middle of my back to the base of my neck. The first 5 days after surgery was a living hell, the most pain I’d EVER felt in my life, however, as the dayís go by, so does the surgical pain. 3 months after the SCS surgery, I went back to my beloved Information Technology job, I perform my tasks, I cook, I clean, I do all the things I use to do before I came down with CRPS. No, the SCS will not take 100% of the pain away but it will give you your life back. Before the SCS, the pain ruled my mood, my desires, my emotions, my drive and my zest for life, pain was the forefront of my day. Today, ah today, life is good, I still need to take pain medication at times but NOTHING like I did prior to implant. For me, itís a life saver, literally, I no longer am depressed due to day in, day out pain. I do have times where my incision area hurts for no reason, but nothing like the pain I had to deal with prior to implant. I would definitely recommend getting the implant for people who suffer from CRPS.

January 14, 2014 at 4:49 pm
(101) Cathy says:

I have had both Medtronics and Penta and personally I had Medtronics first and now have Penta and truly wish that I had the Medtronics instead. The Medtronic unit seemed to give me better relief and is much more easier to use and adjust as needed. The Penta has a rechargeable unit and have to constantly remember to recharge the system. Also the programs that the Penta unit has does not give me the capability of adjusting the rate and amplification like the Medtronic unit did. If I had my choice I would go back to Medtronics. No surgery is easy and there is always a risk but if you do a trial run you will know if it is the way for you to go. For me it was but like I stated I prefer the Medtronic for it seemed i could control what the delivery was and received better pain management from it.

January 24, 2014 at 6:47 pm
(102) Kirk T says:

I have had just the opposite results as those on this board. My stimulator is allowing me to sit for more than 4+ hours, before the stimulator I cout only sit for about 1/2 hour without pain. No infection, no additional pain, only relief. Now I got mine from the top pain doctor at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester MN, so perhaps that is the difference. Going to the best can provide the best results. Getting it done just anywhere sounds like it causes problems. Perhaps if you are thinking about stimulation, you should also look at the facility you are going to as much as the procedure.

February 1, 2014 at 3:28 am
(103) dmom says:

I Had my Medtronic rechargable MRI compatable scs implanted Dec 30 2013 for severe CRPS in my left foot and ankle it is spreading up my leg as well.I have had the “expected” incision and surgery pain with the battery site being more swollen and it’s always warmer than the other side (i am going to address this on my next dr vist). During the trial I was sure there was at least 60% relief , as one rep explained it’s like having chocolate the 1st time (WONDERFUL). Now just over a month out of my permanent implant I am receiving relief but now closer to 15-20% I am scheduled in 2 weeks for more adjustment my muscle cramps have worsened I currently take valium as well as robaxin yet knowing what I know now would still have gone forward Wight the implant. I am no where near to where I was before my injury that caused the CRPS but ANY releif is better than none!!
I am so sorry for those it has not helped and wish you the best but for me even minor releif was worth the risk

February 1, 2014 at 10:32 am
(104) Kay says:

I hAd the stim put in sept of 13 not working . Pain worst . Doctor wants nothing to do with me . Says he is surgent he d,I’d nothing wrong . But I feel he talk me into it. His office stanff treat me awful. They win I’m not going back. He told me I needed to go to pain management now. So what was purpose of his surgery? Money. Even my team from Medtronic doesn’t want to meet with me anymore. After they sale it they’re done. Shame on all.

February 3, 2014 at 12:50 pm
(105) shannon says:

I have had my boston scientific spinal cord stimulator since Auguest of 2013, I have gotten about 40% relief from my RSD. I had no other choices my RSD was extrememly horrible in my left leg and into my foot to the point where my ankle wouldn’t bend anymore it was always swelled up and purple. I have to charge once a week for about 3 hours but other then that I leave the remote alone I am at 46% on my remote and I have 5 different patterns I can use if need be. I reccommend the Spinal Cord Stimulator by Boston Scientific

February 16, 2014 at 8:31 pm
(106) renita says:

you have to understand the system has updated. in jan i got the latest one out. love it so much. i almost use it 24/7. turn it low and it even helps me sleep. i would have to say 80 percent of pain is gone in my leg. if i had to i would have it done again!

February 21, 2014 at 3:08 pm
(107) Shyloe says:

My stimulator seems to work for the most part. I was wondering if anyone ever had shocking problems with their SCS? Like everytime I touch my desk at work, my car door, anything metal and a lot of times if I touch another person I get shocked really bad. My sweat pants had metal on the end of the strings and they touched one time and actually caused a spark. I asked my medtronic rep if it could possibly be from the stimulator and she told me no but I am not for sure that I am convinced that its not.

February 22, 2014 at 7:51 pm
(108) Florence Struble says:

I’ve had my stimulator for 5 years it started out great the first 4 years it started to burn and shock me. They revised it and now I have pain where my device is . Went to doctor and he says he doesn’t know why its so sore and painful. Its terrible , but this is not good its hard to sit to lay to move very much I hate this . I’ll give it a month then if things don’t change its coming out.
I am dam if I do our if I don’t. Good luck everyone.

March 22, 2014 at 11:42 am
(109) Daniel says:

I say that Mick 98 has no pain.I feel that he is a fake/robot or what have you.
If someone is experiencing true pain and suffering,he or she must be given all the painkillers available to kill the pain.
Our forefathers in the Constitution,that a citizen can buy any drug made to kill pain/as long as they do not disturb another countryman.
In the early days this was a free country…..but not now.We have a laundry list of things “illegal”…….America is not a free country.
Investigate these sales crazy doctors,insurance companies and greedy Minneapolis outfit that made 1.5 billion dollars profit by having reps lie to Americans in horrid pain.

March 23, 2014 at 7:22 pm
(110) Missy 56 says:

I agree that Mick 98 must not be in pain to make such an insipid comment. To refuse all pain meds?? I would have killed myself by now. That’s how excruciatingly bad my pain is. It feels like a fresh burn to my genitals ALL THE TIME. No relief, EVER. Like I was in a house fire THAT BURNED MY FLESH. I would put a gun to my head without narcotic pain relievers. Yeah, so Mick could not possibly be in real pain.

March 25, 2014 at 11:37 am
(111) Vaness says:

Hi everyone! Have any of you tried acupuncture for pain relief? I’m just curious a ton of these problems can sometimes be managed with this! Just curious if any of you with units have tried before having surgery!

March 28, 2014 at 8:03 pm
(112) Kenneth Noyes says:

I fell off a truck in 83 and twisted my spine 45 degrees.After 11 back operations I was told put in a back stim well change your life.Well it did were the battery is swells up and I ake more meds than I ever have.Now my charger broke and they want me to fill out a form too see if I can get it free.Now its been broke over a week and now who knows how long it well take to get a decision why waste my time.I have gone this long now I want it taken out instead of getting a run around.I have been disabled for the second time and have bc/bs.They told me to pay 1000.00 for a new charger.Hello I am disabled and pay for part D I DONT HAVE 1000.00.iF ANYONE ON DISABILTY AND HAVE A 1000.00 TO SPEND I DONT..DO NOT GET A BACK STIM ITS NOT COVERED AND YOU JUST HAVE SOMETHING ELSE THAT GOES WRONG.

April 4, 2014 at 4:34 am
(113) Creed says:

Wife had stimulator fitted fist one shorted out threw her across living room.second one damaged nerve while being fitted, remove 4hrs later 12hrs surgery in one day, now unable to walk, been told nothing can be done get wheel chair advice from pain clinic.Surgen told wife these things are not WORTH THE TROUBLE OF FITTING wish he had told before op .Like USA, no one wants to know when things go wrong in UK,

April 11, 2014 at 12:49 am
(114) Dsavage says:

I had the perm implant done on 4/1/14 april fools day.I syill have my staples to be removed..the top incision is sore and painfull to touch and the battery incision is swollwen.The pain reduction I had compared to thre trial wihich was 50 % at time is now about 25% and only covers the pain of my left leg and none of my lower back which is the most pain.
the unit i have is the small medtron that allows mri.I had mine due to serve pain was unable to wal sit stand for any length of time.I have fbss and had 3 back surgeries prior to impalnt. my main pain is located by the battery incision so hoping post op pain will go away and lower some pain.noticed when i power up to bout 5 i feel like i have a belt wrapped around my mid section also have a pain that feels like a kidney stone.the only thing it has helped me so far is to walk with tingly feeling in feet and legs instead of pain feeling…my right leg has foot drop so tingly feeling in it scares me because i cant tell if my leg is going out for a fall which i’ve done in the past..
my problems started in 2004 at work and was misidanosed as muscle strain was in fact ruptured disc..had a surgery to repair disc was swnt back to work and over a period of 8 years kept having back issues..was told I had spondylosis and was to have another surgery in 2012..when I had this one a forminatory laminectomy back got much worse and loss control of right foot(afo brace) applied for ssdi was denied then had spinal fusion because of instability which made pain much worse…this is were i am today with the scs implant so that i may be more mobile..still wating for ssdi appeal…recently discovered that wbv(whole body vibrations) could have been the cause i was exposed everyday for 8 years..unable to repopen workmans comp case due to statues limitations..unable to sue my employer due to state law..good bless you all.

April 12, 2014 at 3:21 pm
(115) Missy 56 says:

Vaness, have been receiving acupuncture from a true master for 11 years now. It helped with the pain at the beginning before the pain became so intense (I have interstitial cystitis complicated by sacral nerve scarring that was most likely caused by a back injury). I started out with mild bladder pain that only occurred when I had UTIs and now have massive bladder pain 24/7, genital burning 24/7, and back pain 24/7 that was made much worse by an epidural steroid injection 3 years ago, unfortunately.

The acupuncture helps me emotionally and spiritually and helps me with some other symptoms (e.g., poor appetite) but not with the pain.

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