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Anne Asher

What NOT to Get For The Holiday

By December 16, 2012

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I often have suggestions for things that might make good gifts for people dealing with neck or back problems.  For example, have you perused my 9 Back Pain Books Not To Miss list?

And when I don't recommend, I might help you choice an item that's right for you.  For example, there's my Ergonomic Chair Review list.  I think all the items on that list are great, but let's face it, when you are going to plunk down a few hundred bucks - or more - it's important to review the details and make your own choice.  So that's what that list helps you do.

And finally, there are times, admittedly rare, when I (almsot) flat out tell you not to buy something.  Such is the case for the Spinal Stretch Home Traction Unit.  I have my reasons, so check the article to learn what they are.

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