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Ab and Back Exercises for Disk Problems

Exercise is rated as the number one treatment for back problems by Consumer Medical Reports. This category will cover the exercise issue as it pertains to disk injury and problems. Wherever possible, exercises in this category will include modifications to accommodate the injury.

Back Stretches - Early Morning Spine Lengtheners and Back Stretches
The stretches shown in this gallery of images are perfect for someone with a disk problem, with your doctor's or therapist's okay, of course. They slightly arch the back, a move that have been shown to reduce symptoms associated with disk problems.

The Abs - Anatomy of the Abdominal Muscles
The abdominal muscles are a key player in back health. This article gives an overview of the six abdominal muscles and how they play a role in posture, as well as back stabilization.

Abdominal First Steps - Accessing Abdominal Muscles and Core Support
When you are injured, staying within a painfree range while building postural support muscles is crucial. This little exercise is all about alignment and breathing and can get you going on accessing your abdominals. It is rated easy, but for some people with injury, just getting into position will begin the challenge, so proceed with respect for your injury.

Pulling in the Abdominals a la Pilates Style
Pulling the abdominals in is fundamental to the Pilates method of exercise. It is a technique that is promoted in physical therapy settings to support the spine, is used in strength training, and to some degree throughout the fitness world. About.com's Pilates guide, Marguerite Ogle has something to say about this basic move.

Healing a Back Injury - When Is It Time To Start Doing Back Exercises?
If you have a disk injury, you should read this article to find out more about the phases of injury healing. If you are planning to develop abdominal and back muscle strength, this article can help you determine when to exercise on your own and when you need a doctor or therapist to guide you.

How to Do a Pelvic Tilt
Pelvic tilts are basic staples of the back rehab environment. Before you try this exercise, you should get your doctor's or physical therapist's okay.

Why Pelvic Tilt - How the Pelvic Tilt Helps Your Back
This article will give you some background on the pelvic tilt - why and how it works.

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