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Pelvic Power

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Updated July 30, 2007

The Bottom Line

This is an excellent book for people willing to try breathing, body awareness and simple movements to alleviate back pain, and to regain the power of movement in a graceful way.

Pelvic Power is focused on the strength and flexibility of the pelvic floor muscles as a foundation for balanced, easy, integrated body posture. The use of this book requires attention to detail and concentration.

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  • An enjoyable read with clarifying illustrations.
  • Conditioning exercises are safe yet effective.
  • Eric Franklin's approach is an inexpensive way to relieve pain naturally.


  • None


  • Training the pelvic floor muscles creates structural balance.
  • Working with images establishes whole body relaxation and ideal posture.
  • The author is a dancer/movement educator who has written several books.

Guide Review - Pelvic Power

Pelvic Power for Men and Women, by Eric Franklin, explains the anatomy and functionality of the pelvic floor. The significance of this for alleviating back pain is best explained by the author himself: "Most people have had a back problem at least once in their lives. A good knowledge of the functions of the pelvic floor could help a large number of these problems, or completely cure them."

Franklin uses imagery, clear illustrations, ancedote and examples of the natural movement habits of children to inform and instruct posture training for the lower body.

The book goes through the anatomy of the bones, joints, muscles, and organs of the pelvis and pelvic floor. There is also a chapter that references the Eastern perspective and ch'i in relation to pelvic functioning. Each chapter contains background information, subtle movement exercises, and illustrations.

Expect to be entertained, encouraged and informed about the pelvic floor and its relation to a pain-free back.
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