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Parts of the Spine


Updated March 12, 2007

Back pain diagnosis often includes the name of the part of the spine that is involved in causing the pain. Learn about the parts of the spine.

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There are 26 vertebrae that make up the back bone, or vertebral column.  This bone is a vertebra.VertebraThe vertebral body is the largest part of the vertebra.The Vertebral BodyThe facet joint helps the individual spinal bones connect as a a unit, making the spinal column.  Parts of a Vertebra - The Facet JointParts of a Vertebra - Spinous Process and Transverse ProcessesSpinous and Transverse Processes
The pedicle is a part of the vertebra extending from the vertebral body.  Parts of the Vertebra - PedicleThe lamina is a part of the vertebra in the back.Parts of a Vertebra - The LaminaSpinal Bones and Spinal Nerves in Back PainSpinal Nerves and Back Pain

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