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Bulging Disk


Updated June 10, 2014

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Bulging or Prolapsed Disc

Bulging or Prolapsed Disc

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A bulging disc is one that extends beyond its normal position. The normal position of the disc corresponds with the edge of the vertebra to which it is attached. Usually, bulging discs don’t go any further than 3mm out from the edge of the vertebra.

Bulging discs are also called prolapsed discs. They are not to be confused with disc herniations. In a herniation a tear in the annulus (outer covering of the disc) allows the nucleus pulposus to escape. Bulging or prolapsed discs are not necessarily painful.

Also Known As: prolapsed disc, prolapsed disk
A bulging disc is often the first stage of disc disease. But depending on the individual, a bulging disc may just be a variation of anatomy, and not a disease at all.
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