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It is best to be an inquiring consumer before signing on to surgery. This category gives glossaries, FAQs, articles and resources on the types of back and neck surgeries, and pre and post treatments.
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Laminectomy is the standard surgery for spinal stenosis and other conditions. Learn more about it and how technology is changing your surgery choices.

Adjacent Segment Disease
Learn about adjacent segment disease and how it relates to adjacent segment degeneration.

Back Surgery Success Rate
What was the back surgery success rate for the particular type of back surgery you had? Did you or would you consider the data on back surgery success rates before making the commitment to have that surgery? Tell your story.See submissions

Does Obesity Affect the Results of Back Surgery?
If you are obese or overweight and have spine surgery, you may be at risk for a greater chance of complications from your back surgery. Find out more about obesity and back surgery.

What is Back Surgery?
Is back surgery over-prescribed? What are the only 3 problems that back surgery can address? The answer to these questions are in What is Back Surgery?

What is Failed Back Surgery Syndrome - FBSS?
There is no guarantee that a back surgery will be successful. Doctors have given a name to back surgery that fails to relieve back pain or otherwise harms the patient. It is called Failed Back Surgery Syndrome, or FBSS.

Artificial Disc - Total Disc Replacement Surgery
The artificial disc is a new type of spine surgery for disc problems. Disc replacement surgery addresses one of the problems with spinal fusion – the limitation of movement at the place where the surgery is done, which may, in turn, cause problems in spinal joints above and below the surgical area, later. But for some this benefit does not come without a price.

Scoliosis Stapling
Spinal stapling is one of several new treatments for scoliosis. It is much less invasive than spinal fusion, and may be able to reverse the formation of the curve in very young people.

Adjacent Segment Degeneration - ASD
Who wants more back pain after a spinal fusion surgery? But that is just what you may experience if you have ASD, or adjacent segment degeneration.

Pseudoarthrosis sounds like something out of hypochondriac central, doesn't it? In actuality, though, pseudoarthrosis is a serious issue in spinal fusion surgeries that fail.

Adjacent Segment Degeneration
Spinal fusion surgery comes with the risk for adjacent segment degeneration, which is degeneration of the spinal joints near the place of the surgery.

scoliosis screening programs - Should Schools Screen Kids for Scoliosis?
scoliosis screening programs - Should Schools Screen Kids for Scoliosis?

Cauda Equina Syndrome
Cauda equina syndrome usually requires surgery. But this is a controversial area. Get the facts.

Treating Cauda Equina Syndrome With Emergency Surgery
The decision to go ahead with cauda equina syndrome surgery is often made quite quickly. This is in an effort to avoid permanent damage to bowel, bladder and/or sexual functioning. But research on the effectiveness of emergency surgery is mixed.

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