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Chronic Back -& Neck Pain

Chronic back pain and chronic neck pain are conditions that require a lifestyle adjustment, as well as an understanding of the back or neck problem causing the pain. In this category, find tools and tips to help you understand your chronic back or neck condition and to manage the pain.
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Chronic Back Pain Relief - Why Can't You Get It?
Looking for chronic back pain relief but not finding it? Learn about chronic pain factors that may be holding you back.

Why Is Early Treatment for Acute Low Back Pain So Important?
Early treatment for acute low back pain can stop the pain from becoming chronic. Find how what kinds of back treatment are right for acute low back pin, and how they work to prevent chronic back conditions.

What is the Difference Between Myofascial Pain Syndrome and Fibromyalgia?
Myofascial pain and fibromyalgia share similarities such as tender points and muscle pain. But do you know what the differences are between fibro and myofascial pain? This article presents them.

Chronic Back Pain Management - Manage Your Chronic Back Pain
There are several types of pain management for chronic back pain and chronic neck pain. Chronic back pain management is categorized according to how invasive the treatment is. Learn about invasive pain management and non-invasive pain management treatments for chronic back and neck pain.

Acupuncture for Fibromyalgia
Acupuncture for Fibromyalgia was studied by the Mayo Clinic and published in the Mayo Clinic Proceedings, June 2006.

Botox for Headache Pain
Botox for headache pain and migranes is currently being studied.

Medical Marijuana for Chronic Pain
Medical marijuana for chronic pain, has been dealt a blow. States rights to remove criminal penalties for those who use, cultivate or possess medical marijuana has been returned to the federal government.

Chronic Pain Management
According to About's Orthopedics editor, Dr. Jonathan Cluett, chronic pain requires a multidiscipinary approach to management. His article on chronic pain management will walk you through the steps.

Multiple Chronic Conditions Data Profile
The Center on an Aging Society at Georgetown University has produced a Data Profile on Multiple Chronic Conditions. Read about the effects of Multiple Chronic Conditions on work, home life, mental health and economics.

The Fight Against Pain - a Report on Pain by USA Today and ABC
The Fight Against Pain is a week long coverage on Pain by USA Today and ABC. It talks about where science is at with its understanding and treatment of chronic and recurrent pain, offers an explanation of how the sensation of pain is produced in the body and talks about back pain, offers a chat with an MD, and has a quiz for you to take.

scoliosis screening programs - Should Schools Screen Kids for Scoliosis?
scoliosis screening programs - Should Schools Screen Kids for Scoliosis?

When Do You Need to See a Doctor for Your Back Pain or Neck Pain?
Most of the time back pain, back aches and neck pain resolve on their own. But there some signs you should get them checked by a sign specialist or doctor. Your back pain, neck pain or back ache may be the sign of a red flag, or a serious problem. Examples are leg pain, back injury or radiating pain down legs or arms.

Intrathecal Space
Intrathecal space - The intrathecal space is an area of the spine into which spinal injections and pain pumps are inserted. Find out where the intrathecal space is.

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