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Lifestyle Tips for Spinal Arthritis


Updated October 31, 2011

The Daily Spine
Tips for Living Well With Back Pain

If you have arthritis in your spine, you may be interested in my lifestyle tips for managing pain and getting to sleep at a decent hour. Here they are:

First Things first - Dealing With Morning Stiffness

You may feel stiff first thing in the morning or at other times. Range of motion exercises are quite often given to help deal with this important problem. Here are some basic range of motion exercises for the neck:

Getting to and Staying Asleep When You Have Spinal Arthritis

If your arthritis interrupts your sleep, you may need to assess your position. This includes the way you use pillows. My article Sleeping with Neck Arthritis give a few basic guidelines. And below, I've linked to a few image galleries showing the right and wrong way to position yourself for bedtime.

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