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Review of the Global Goal Ergonomic Chair

About the Global Goal Ergonomic Office Chair

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Updated February 05, 2012

Global Goal Task Chair

Global Goal Task Chair


The Global Goal ergonomic task chair would make a good investment in your back health and postural alignment if you sit at a desk or computer for your work. The Goal is a relatively inexpensive task chair that comes with a decent number of desirable features for a moderate price. On top of that, the company has an excellent reputation. When I test drove the Global Goal, it felt like a study chair with solid craftsmanship, and playing around with the controls and adjustments allowed me to increase my comfort level. (Not all chairs do this, in my experience.)

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About Global

Global is a very established brand with a great reputation, and their 12-year warranty reflects that fact. The warranty covers manufacturer’s defects (but does exclude some things, such as the fabric). A description of all the details in the warranty for the Goal is beyond the scope of this review, so be sure to read the warranty carefully before making your purchase.

In addition to the Goal task chair, Global offers a fairly extensive set of ergonomic chair lines as well as other types of furniture. If you’re looking for more style or different features than those that come with the Goal, you may still find it in a Global chair. However, this is where the price point may begin to rise steeply.

Global Goal Chair - 6 Versions From Which To Choose

There are 6 variations of the Global Goal chair. All have adjustments for seat height, back height, back angle and arm height, and "properly" contoured cushioning, according to the company. For other features such as the seat angle adjustment, arm width adjustment and more, check the list for each individual model on Global's site.

The versions are:

  • The Armless Task Chair.
    • While this is one of the options, I would caution you to think carefully about what it would be like without a way to rest your arm and shoulder muscles. Repetitive actions such as constant typing, along with awkward postures are risk factors for work related MSDs. Work related MSDs (musculoskeletal disorders) often arise because of muscle fatigue.
  • Multi-tilter with height adjustable T arms.
  • This version comes with a center tilt movement. The chair tilts from a pivot point under the seat, which allows a rocking motion to occur. The company says the rocking action may help you increase blood flow.
  • Task with height adjustable T arms.
    • This model has only the most basic features mentioned above.
  • Operator with height adjustable T arms.
    • The low back operator with arms also has forward seat angle adjustment, which, if used properly, may help you maintain an upright sitting posture with minimal muscle strain throughout the day.
  • Drafting chair.
    • The drafting chair comes with only a few adjustments.

  • How Will The Goal Hold Up?

    Most Global chairs are rated for people who weigh 300 pounds or less, and the Goal is no exception. If you need a more heavy duty ergonomic solution, consider the Global Granada, which is rated for 350 pounds and for work around the clock.

    Global Green

    The Global Goal comes with a Greenguard certification. This certification indicates that the product is rated "low emission" for toxic chemicals.

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