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Ergonomic Office Chair Reviews

Office Chairs with Great Features at Value Pricing


Updated February 06, 2012

Does shopping for an ergonomic office chair that has the features you want - maybe a lumbar support on the back rest, a seat that tilts or adjustable width arm rests that don't require you to get out your tools and crawl underneath the chair - for a price you can afford (not to mention in the color and fabric you want) have your head spinning?

Never fear! I've reviewed a few choice models from quality manufacturers for you. At least you can evaluate the features of your potential seating solution in light of your back's needs. As for color and style, you're on your own...

1. OFM 247 and OFM 247 VAM

I love the OFM 247 and OFM 247 VAM because they offer so many features! Many ergonomic chairs with the same or fewer features cost more than double the price of these models. And OFM doesn’t sacrifice quality in order to achieve value pricing, either.

With just a few exceptions, OFM warranties their chairs - including the 247 and 247 VAM - for the lifetime of the products. If you're serious about these chairs, be sure to read the warranty document thoroughly, as it varies from chair to chair and has, as I said, a few exceptions.


2. RFM BT55 and RFM BT56

The RFM BT55 and BT56 are high quality, big-and-tall chair options from RFM. They don’t need assembly; depending on which features package you purchase, they come with a fair number of adjustments that may help support your spine as you work at your desk.

RFM is a small company in Oregon. It prides itself on customer service. In fact, if you’re considering the BT55 and/or BT56, you can call the company and ask for a sales rep to bring a sample chair to your home or office for you to try.

RFM is also a leader in the manufacture of environmentally sustainable office chairs. Among their many commitments, they use up to 100% recycled materials in their products.


3. Global Goal Ergonomic Office Chair

If you’re looking for a chair that’s built to last, the Global Goal may be just the ticket. Global is a very established ergonomic furniture manufacturer, and the word on the street is that their customer service is great.

Among the many ergonomic office chairs manufactured by Global is the Global Goal Task Chair. There are six variations on the Goal, from armless to one with only the most basic adjustments, to one with many "bells and whistles" and more. They even offer a drafting chair. I tried out the Global Goal and found it to be beyond solid, supportive and comfortable.


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