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Internal Obliques


Updated April 03, 2012

Definition: The internal obliques are a pair of deep abdominal muscles. They lie just superficial to the transverse abdominal muscle. The muscle fibers of the internal obliques run from various places at and around the front of the hip to the lower ribs and the connective tissue part of the rectus abdominus. The fibers run in a direction that creates an inverted V shape.

The internal obliques affect the spine, ribs and pelvis. The lowest part of internal obliques works with the transvere abdominal muscle to contain and support the abdominal contents. The upper and lateral fibers of the internal obliques do several things:For some of these actions, the internal obliques work with other abdominal muscles. This is especially true of the rotation and lateral flexion motions.

Created on November 21, 2005
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