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Find glossary definitions for back and neck injury and chronic pain terms beginning with the letter L, for example, leg length difference.

Deep Cervical Neck Flexor Muscle
Longus colli muscle defined.

Local Anaesthetic
Local anaesthetic is a term used to describe a substance used in injections. A local anaesthetic can be used to diagnose spine pain, and for treatment. Injections with local anaesthetics are considered to be interventional pain management techniques.

The term, lesion, is used in medicine to indicate a pathology.

Lower Motor Neuron
Definition of central nervous system, or CNS, and spinal cord term, lower motor neuron.

Lateral Flexion
Lateral flexion and side bending definition.

Parts of a Vertebra - Lamina
The lamina, a part of the vertebra related to the facet joint, helps to form the spinal canal, allowing the spinal cord to pass through.

Lumbar Spine
Define lumbar spine.

Lordosis - Swayback
Lordosis, or swayback can refer to the normal curvature of some parts of the spine, or it can refer to abnormal curvature conditions.

Lumbago - What Is Lumbago
Lumbago - What Is Lumbago

Lateral - A Definition
The word lateral is one you will come across when reading about neck and back issues. So here is a definition.

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