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Massage Techniques for Neck and Back

Tight muscles deserve a massage. You can give yourself a massage to relax chronic tension in the neck, shoulders and even the back.

The Daily Spine - Give Yourself a Neck Massage
Neck massage for a crick in the neck or neck kink may be all you need to relieve tight muscles. Here are some neck massage techniques you can do on yourself, taken directly from the massage therapy profession.

Before You Get a Back Massage
When going for a massage for back or neck pain, it is wise to ask a series of questions of your therapist first. Your task is to find a qualified, ethical therapist, with whom you feel comfortable, and whose skill earns your confidence. This article presents the basics of education, certification and licensing for massage therapists in the U.S.

Massage the Levator Scapula Muscle
The levator scapula muscle can get pretty sore, because the levator scap often works continuously. Here is a neck massage technique for the levator scap.

Massage Your Own Neck and Shoulders - The Trapezius Muscle
Tight shoulder and neck muscles deserve a massage. One of the most painful muscles is the trapezius muscles. Learn a technique for massaging this...

CAM, or complementary and alternative medicine, is a grouping of health systems that is growing in popularity. Although there is some medical research on CAM, the amount is much less than for conventional medicine.

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