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General Health and Back and Neck Injury and Chronic Pain

The relationship between general health and back and neck injury and chronic pain can be significant. Being in pain takes a lot of energy and can zap your strength. Being healthy except for an injury can speed up healing time. Explore the relationship between general health and back and neck injury and any resulting chronic pain.
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The backnobber may help you release muscle spasms and trigger points.

Framework for the Lower Back by Nicholas DiNubile Book Review
Book Review - Framework for the Lower Back by Nicholas DiNubile.

Top 3 Support Group Resources for Chronic Pain Sufferers
Support resources for 21st century spine problems.

Pillows and Cushions to Help You Rest Your Back
When your back or neck needs a little help,sometimes all it takes is a good pillow or cushion. Here are a few that I think would make good gifts for people with back pain.

How Does Smoking Affect the Spine?
You can now include spine pain on the list of health risks of smoking. Smoking statistics reveal that this habit amplifies pain and does damage to your discs.

Steroid Injections for Pregnancy Related Low Back Pain
When low back pain begins during pregnancy, watch out! It may be with you for a long time. Researchers have found a potential solution to chronic low back pain that starts when you are pregnant.

Will Losing Weight Reduce My Back Pain?
Weight loss may help you reduce your back pain. Being obese puts pressure on the spine and on back muscles. Physical activity such as aerobics and strength training can help you fight that back ache!

How Does Obesity Affect Spondylolysis or Spondylolisthesis?
If you are overweight or obese, and you have hyperextension injuries in your spine - for example sponylolysis or spondylolisthesis, you may wonder how the two conditions interact. Learn about how obesity may affect spondylolysis and spondylolisthesis.

Does Obesity Affect the Results of Back Surgery?
If you are obese or overweight and have spine surgery, you may be at risk for a greater chance of complications from your back surgery. Find out more about obesity and back surgery.

Obesity and Back Pain
Obesity contributes directly to several types of back problems, increasing any accompanying back pain. Even if you are not morbidly obese, the health of your back and spine may be suffering because of your obesity. Here are the back conditions that are affected by the obesity epidemic, according to research. Learn how well losing weight might help reduce back pain.

Things To Keep You Busy When You're Laid Up With A Bad Back
Here is a short list of things to do to stay productive while resting and healing a back injury.

What is Healthy Monday?
Healthy Monday is a campaign to help support preventative health behavior. You can use Healthy Monday to ease back pain - just as you would for any other health behavior.

Back Pain Myths
Back pain myths dispelled for those suffering from acute and chronic back pain.

Tools for Keeping New Year's Health Resolutions All Year Round
It's easy to make New Year's resolutions around health. Sticking with them all year is more challenging!

Last Minute Gifts for Back and Neck
Last Minute Gifts for Back and Neck

Causes of Poor Posture
Poor posture is caused by many things including stress, shoes, injury, and movement habits, to name a few.

Top Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Spine
Maintaining a healthy spine is within your reach. Preventative maintenance can go a long way toward keeping back pain away.

Laughter as Medicine for Chronic Pain and Back Injury
Read about how laughter improves overall functioning, which helps manage chronic pain and speed injury healing.

About's Quit Smoking Site
About's Quit Smoking site may help you or someone you care about to kick the habit.

Weight Management following Spinal Cord Injury
The body adapts to a spinal cord injury first by losing weight because energy and nutrients are needed to deal with the new situation. Over time, inactivity takes over, and SCI patients tend to gain weight. Background and techniques specifically for people with SCI may shed some light on weight management with this extra challenge.

The Exercise-HQ has well-categorized links to external sites on various topics related to exercise and back health.

Posture Training and Posture Help
There are many things people to to correct bad posture, from posture training to back supports and posture supports. Have you tried posture training or other form of posture help? Tell us your story.See submissions

Stretching is a great way to prevent injury. Learn the definition of stretching.

How to Sit with Good Posture
Sitting with good posture may help you avoid back pain, neck pain or other muscle pain. Learn how to sit with good posture.

Coping with Back Pain - Alone with Your Back Pain
Coping with Back Pain - Alone with Your Back Pain

CAM, or complementary and alternative medicine, is a grouping of health systems that is growing in popularity. Although there is some medical research on CAM, the amount is much less than for conventional medicine.

When Do You Need to See a Doctor for Your Back Pain or Neck Pain?
Most of the time back pain, back aches and neck pain resolve on their own. But there some signs you should get them checked by a sign specialist or doctor. Your back pain, neck pain or back ache may be the sign of a red flag, or a serious problem. Examples are leg pain, back injury or radiating pain down legs or arms.

15 Free or Low Cost Solutions to Your Neck or Back Pain
Back pain is one of those things that lends itself to being proactive. Experts estimate that 8026440200f back pain resolves itself without medical care. I attribute this to the fact that most back pain is musculoskeletal and postural in nature. This is the type of back pain we can do something about. Whether you're naturally frugal or you're just tired medical treatment that yields little or no improvement in your condition, low cost solutions may be something your doctor would suggest anyway.

Back Pain Books
Back pain books may help you determine your course of action. There are so many back pain books, as well as neck pain books on the market, I thought I would review a few of them for you to help you make your choice.

Back Pain - Review Your Favorite Self Help Resource
Review your favorite back pain resource and read my back pain review.

Holiday Back Pain Tips
holidays mean back pain heres what to do

Apps for Back Pain or Neck Pain
Review your back pain or neck pain app here.See submissions

How to Survive Moving Day Without Back Pain
Moving? If you are me, you want to get through moving day without back pain or injury. Here are my tips for surviving a relocation with back intact.

Sleep Tips for Arthritis in the Neck
People with arthritis are almost 3 times as likely to have difficulties sleeping. Here are some sleep tips for people who have arthritis in the neck.

Clearing the Way for Back Pain Relief
Here are some things about back and neck pain you may not know.

Better Back by John Tanner - Book Review
Better Back written by John Tanner deserves a book review. Here it is.

Back Pain Prevalence and Statistics
What is the prevalence of people with back pain? Now you can learn this and other back pain statistics.

Trade in Your Back Pack For A Hip Pack
If your back hurts from lugging heavy loads all the time, consider the PacSafe Stashsafe 100 Hip Pack.

Need a Built In Massage Therapist?
Some people turn to their massage chairs for back support and back pain relief. Others are really into their seat cushions. These massage aids may help you achieve back pain relief if you choose them wisely.

How to Buy a Mattress For A Bad Back
Back troubles can mean a trip to the bedding store to buy a mattress. Before you purchase a mattress, check out these tips.

What Not To Do if You Want Back Pain Relief
Here are some things not to do to get back pain relief.

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