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Gift Ideas for People with Back or Neck Pain


Updated December 17, 2008

If you have friends, family or co-workers who suffer with back or neck pain, they may appreciate a holiday gift that helps them manage their symptoms. Here is a list of gift ideas suitable for people with back or neck pain.

1. Stott Pilates - Ultimate Back Care (VHS)

"Stott Pilates Ultimate Back Care" gives a core workout for those with back problems. The workout is geared to increase strength and flexibility of the spine.
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2. Back Care Conditioning Kit with Support Ball

The Back Care Conditioning Kit with Support Ball consists of an oblong ball, which provides more stability than a spherical one, and a VHS with a 15-minute workout targeting the back, legs and abs. An air pump and a visual guide to the exercises are included.

3. Yoga for Back Care Video with Rodney Yee (VHS)

Strengthen back and core muscles, and restore the natural curve of your spine, with this at-home routine.

4. Yoga for Back Care with Rodney Yee (DVD)

A 3-part workout (60 minutes total) begins with an integrative warm-up and proceeds to specific yoga poses targeted to strengthen, coordinate and stretch the spine. The final section covers restorative poses, allowing you to see your habitual movements.
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5. Kid's Balance Ball Chair from Gaiam

Help your child develop good postural habits while having fun.

6. Balance Ball Ergonomic Chairs from Gaiam

Sitting on a ball exercises the core posture muscles, as they work to keep you balanced and upright.
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7. The Multifidus Back Pain Solution, by Jim Johnson, P.T.

Written by a physical therapist specializing in the back, this book is a must for understanding how to select back care treatments. It covers how the multifidus muscle is involved in almost all painful back conditions.

8. Hot/Cold Packs

Both heat and cold are used for back pain conditions. Dual purpose hot/cold packs are convenient and cost-effective.
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9. Massage Loungers

Massage loungers can cost $50 or more. They are a great way to unwind and shake out the tension from the day.
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10. Music and Sound Healing Journeys

Sound is often used as a pain management therapy. These days, sound healing comes in many forms. In fact, reviewers from the Cochrane Library reviewed 14 research studies on the effects of music on pain and pain reduction efforts. They found that music was second only to medications for pain relief in over 400 patients.
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