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Neck Surgery - Types of Surgery for Neck Pain

Many people with disk problems such as herniated disk opt for a surgical solution. In this category you will find information on types of neck surgery as well as research updates on new surgical techniques such as the total disk replacement. Here you can explore the option of surgery for your neck pain due to disk problems.

Cervical Spinal Fusion
When surgery is the only option, persons with nerve root compression in their neck may undergo a cervical spine fusion.

Cervical Discectomy
Cervical discectomies are often done at the same time as cervical fusions.

Use of Implants in Cervical - or Neck - Surgery
In cervical spine - or neck - surgery, implants, such as the one Medtronic makes, are used to help hold the neck bones in place while they fuse.

Artificial Disk Replacement in the Neck
In 2007, the artificial disk replacement is still too new to tell, i.e. long term research as to the outcome of this type of neck surgery is quite lacking. But here is the latest scoop on artificial disk replacement in the neck.

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