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Pain Down the Leg - Sciatica

Disk problems are the most common cause of sciatica or pain down the leg. Read about sciatica symptoms to find out if you are at risk, what the symptoms are, and more about the types of sciatica.

Overview of Sciatica
Sciatica is a common cause of back, buttock and leg pain. Learn what causes sciatica, what the symptoms are as well as sciatica treatments, in this overview.

Who is at Risk for Sciatica?
Certain types of people are at a higher risk for sciatica than others. Find out if you are at a higher risk of sciatica.

Radiculopathy is a term that describes damage to spinal nerve roots. Radiculopathy may occur at any level along the spine. Learn about radiculopathy - causes, symptoms, treatments, surgeries and more.

What are the Symptoms of Sciatica?
Although sciatica originates in the low back, it is mostly characterized by leg pain. Learn to recognize the symptoms of sciatica, how sciatica symptoms develop and which activities make sciatica symptoms worse.

Neurogenic Claudication
Neurogenic claudication is a syndrome, or collection of symptoms, associated with degenerative spinal stenosis in the lumbar spine.

Sciatic Nerve - Sciatica Happens Along the Sciatic Nerve
If you have sciatica or wish to prevent it, you will want to know the anatomy and function of this important nerve. Read about the sciatic nerve in this very short article.

What is Piriformis Syndrome?
Piriformis syndrome is a rare type of sciatica. Piriformis syndrome causes pain down the leg and buttock pain. This brief article on piriformis syndrome explains why diagnosing piriformis syndrome can be difficult.

What is a Disc?
Spinal disks or intervertebral disks are found throughout the spine. Learn about cervical disc, thoracic disc and l4 l5 disc.

Coping with a Pain Syndrome
Has a back pain syndrome interrupted your quality of life? Share your story.See submissions

Herniated Disc Diagnosis – What to Know About a Herniated Disc Diagnosis
Herniated Disc Diagnosis – What to Know About a Herniated Disc Diagnosis

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