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Pain Managment - Managing Chronic and Acute Back and Neck Pain

Often pain management is the way to go, rather than curing the problem. The field of pain management is a growing one, and approaches the pain as a disease. Learn about pain management, including procedures, medical specialities and more.
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Tips on finding the right physiotherapist for you.

7 things to stop doing in order prevent or manage stiff neck.

Manage Your Lower Back and Get Low Back Pain Relief
Low back pain management may consist of pain relief measures you do for yourself. Back pillows, back exercises, back stretches are examples of ways many people manage their lower back pain. Here are some more ideas and facts about getting pain relief for your lower back.

Components of a Spinal Cord Stimulation System
Spinal cord stimulators have several components. If you are considering neurostimulation to control chronic back pain, check out the components. Neurostimulators are also called dorsal column stimulators.

Implantable Drug Delivery Systems and Infusion Pumps
Implantable drug delivery systems to control chronic back pain are a controversial pain management treatment used after conservative back pain treatments have been tried and failed. This even includes back surgery. Infusion pumps aka drug delivery pumps can be used in cases of failed back surgery syndrome and other types of chronic back pain.

Is the Implantable Drug Pump a Good Fit for You?
Implantable drug pumps to help control chronic back pain are not for everyone. How can you tell if implantable drug pumps are the right pain treatment for you? Learn about patient selection for implantable drug pump - or infusion pump - treatments.

Botox Injection for Chronic Pain FAQ
Botox injections are now being used to allieviate chronic pain.

Ibuprofen Anti-Inflammatory Drug
Motrin, Advil and others contain ibuprofen, an anti-inflammatory drug. Learn more.

After Implantation
Like most procedures, having a drug pump implanted to help you control your chronic back pain means you'll have to give up, or at least consult with your doctor about giving up, certain experiences. But all is not lost -- for example, you may be able to get out of waiting in those long lines at the airport scanning mach…

What are the Known Complications of Having a Drug Pump Implanted for Back Pain?
As with anything in pain medicine, implantable drug pumps have known complications. Known complications associated with having a drug pump implanted to help you control your chronic back pain are potential problems ranging from device failure to infection.

Follow Up Care After Drug Pump Implantation
Having a drug pump implanted for chronic back pain is only the first step. Find out the basics on follow-up care for implanted drug delivery systems such as the infusion pump. What happens after drug pump implantation?

What is Traction?
Traction is sometimes used to help treat back and neck problems, such as spinal stenosis. Is traction effective, though? Here is a short description of spinal traction and its use in the treatment of lower back and neck pain.

What Happens in a Drug Pump Trial?
If you are going to have a drug pump implanted to try to help control your chronic back pain, first you will have a trial. Here you'll learn what happens in drug pump trial and how a drug pump will help you reduce chronic back pain.

What are the Risks of Having a Drug Pump Implanted?
Implantable drug pumps deliver narcotics right to the spinal cord. When taking narcotic pain medication by mouth doesn't relieve the pain, one invasive pain managment treatment is to have a drug pump implanted.

What Are Implantable Drug Pumps?
Implantable drug pumps are used in pain management treatment to help control chronic back pain, and other types. Implantable drug pumps are an invasive type of pain management.

What is Neuropathic Pain?
Neuropathic pain, as distinguished from nocioceptive pain, is a nervous system problem in which a nerve is damaged or disrupted. Neuropathic pain is entirely different than acute, nocioceptive pain.

At-Home Therapy For Mild Neck or Back Pain
Have you ever woken up with neck pain that hurt, but not enough to go see a doctor? Or have you strained your low back while doing such things as lifting heavy boxes or

What is Nocioceptive Pain?
Nocioceptive pain is the kind of pain you can understand, and is quite often the type of pain you may feel when you have acute low back or neck pain. Just what IS nocioceptive pain?

What is Inflammatory Granuloma?
Inflammatory granuloma is a rare complication that occurs with implanted drug delivery systems in the intrathecal space. Implanted drug delivery systems to the intrathecal space of the spinal cord risk inflammatory granuloma more than implanted drug delivery systems in the epidural space, outside the spinal cord.

Pain Management -Taking Personal Responsibility for Pain
Understanding chronic pain is the first step toward managing it. There are reasons why chronic pain is difficult to diagnose. There are reasons why it hurts when and where there is no injury or illness.

Chronic Pain and Emotional Health
Depression, Anxiety and Stress Often Accompany Chronic Back and Neck Pain Conditions

Book Review - Healing Pain - Dr. Anne Berger
Book Review - Healing Pain - Dr. Ann Berger

What is Pain Management?
Pain medicine, also called pain management is a branch of medicine that applies science to the effort to reduce pain and gain functional activity. Pain medicine covers a wide spectrum of conditions including neuropathic pain, cancer pain, postoperative pain and more.

What Type of Doctor Should You See for Back or Neck Pain?
The decision as to which type of doctor to see for your back or neck pain depends on what type of back pain you have and if you have been referred to a spine specialist.

Understanding Pain - Book Review
"Understanding Pain" is a guide to the fields of pain management and pain medicine. If you experience back pain or neck pain, this book may help you to understand your treatment options. The book includes back pain but really covers all types of pain.

Pain Management on Your Own - Living with Chronic Back or Neck Pain
Pain, great or small, has altered your way of life. If your back or neck problem is chronic, you may find yourself coming to terms with the fact...

CAM, or complementary and alternative medicine, is a grouping of health systems that is growing in popularity. Although there is some medical research on CAM, the amount is much less than for conventional medicine.

When Do You Need to See a Doctor for Your Back Pain or Neck Pain?
Most of the time back pain, back aches and neck pain resolve on their own. But there some signs you should get them checked by a sign specialist or doctor. Your back pain, neck pain or back ache may be the sign of a red flag, or a serious problem. Examples are leg pain, back injury or radiating pain down legs or arms.

Intrathecal Space
Intrathecal space - The intrathecal space is an area of the spine into which spinal injections and pain pumps are inserted. Find out where the intrathecal space is.

15 Free or Low Cost Solutions to Your Neck or Back Pain
Back pain is one of those things that lends itself to being proactive. Experts estimate that 8026443400f back pain resolves itself without medical care. I attribute this to the fact that most back pain is musculoskeletal and postural in nature. This is the type of back pain we can do something about. Whether you're naturally frugal or you're just tired medical treatment that yields little or no improvement in your condition, low cost solutions may be something your doctor would suggest anyway.

Discogenic Pain - About Discogenic Back Pain
Discogenic Pain - About Discogenic Back Pain

What Is Breakthrough Pain
Breakthrough pain and how it is treated.

Physical Therapy Modality
Physical therapy modality - definition and glossary term

Ultrasound For Back Relief
Ultrasound is one modality used to relieve back pain when you go to physical therapy. Learn about ultrasound.

Electric Muscle Stimulation (Electrostim)
Electric stimulation or estim is a physical therapy modality that may help strengthen muscles. i Learn more about electric stimulation therapy.

Unlearn Your Pain, by Dr. Howard Shubiner
MBS stands for mind body syndrome. Dr. Howard Shubiner writes about MBS and how you can get past chronic back pain by addressing MBS. Read the review of Shubiner's book.

Review of 8 Steps to a Pain Free Back by Esther Gokhale
Esther Gokhale wrote 8 Steps to a Pain Free Back by Esther Gokhale. Here is a review.

CAM Therpies and Your Spine - What The Research Tells Us
The use of CAM for spine is on the rise, and research is now underway. Here is what we know from medical research about holistic therapies and back pain.

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