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The Spinal Cord Stimulator Device

The Neurostimulation Device is the Basic Component of the System


Updated December 11, 2009

The spinal cord stimulation device is the basic component in the system.
Rechargable Implantable Pulse Generator from Boston Scientific

The neurostimulation device is the basic unit of the spinal cord stimulation system. Shown here is a rechargable implantable pulse generator, or IPG, the newest type of SCS device technology on the market.

Boston Scientific

Any neurostimulation system has a spinal cord stimulator. The spinal cord stimulation device is the basic component; it is implanted in either the abdominal or buttock area by your doctor. Leads are then run from it to the epidural space in the spinal canal.

A rechargeable implantable pulse generator (IPG) type of stimulator is shown here. The rechargeable IPG is an example of the latest technology in spinal cord stimulation devices (and systems). Patients and doctors like the new IPG technology because the devices are usually small, which gives some flexibility as to where they can be implanted. Other types of devices, which use older technologies, are also still on the market.

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