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Features of an IPG Neurostimulator

The Small Size of an IPG Neurostimulator May Mean More Comfort for You


Updated December 11, 2009

The latest models of IPGs are the smallest neurostimulator devices out there. This feature may translate into more comfort for you day-to-day.
The nice thing about a late model IPG neurostimulator is its small size.

The nice thing about the newest model of IPG neurostimulator is its small size.

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As mentioned in the section on devices, the latest IPGs (implanted pulse generator neurostimulator) represents the latest technology has to offer when it comes to spinal cord stimulation systems.

What does this mean to you?

Along with the ability to recharge your battery at home (and avoid going for surgery every time you need a new one), the latest models of IPG devices are very small in size. A tiny neurostimulator means that the incision required to implant it will be minimal. The small size also opens up choices as to where it can be implanted, and this allows the surgeon to take your day-to-day device-related comfort level into consideration. It may even be possible to implant the device up to 2.5 cm into the body, which could decrease how noticeable it is. (Implantation deeper than 2.5 cm won't allow you to recharge the battery, however.)

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