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Spinal Alignment and Good Posture

If poor spinal alignment has your neck or back hurting, it may be time to address your posture.

Spinal Curves
Curves are an aspect of spinal anatomy that deserve special attention. Find out how your lumbar, cervical and thoracic curves can keep your spine functioning with ease.

Posture and Alignment - Improve Your Posture and Align Your Spine
Here are some of my favorite ways to align the spine.

How to Sit with Good Posture
Sitting with good posture may help you avoid back pain, neck pain or other muscle pain. Learn how to sit with good posture.

Swayback Posture
Swayback is one type of postural abnormality, or postural deviation. Swayback affects several areas of the spine. This article explains exactly what swayback is, who gets it and what you can do about it.

Forward Head Posture
If your upper back hunches and your neck feels stiff and painful, you may have a condition called forward head posture.

Causes of Poor Posture
If good posture seems elusive, understanding some of the causes may help. Here are 7 things that often lead to or contribute to poor posture.

What is Ideal Alignment?
Ideal postural alignment may not be something you can achieve to perfection, but it is a great thing to aim for.

Center of Gravity Definition
Center of gravity is a movement concept that can be difficult to grasp. I believe I have distilled it down to its most understandable form.

Yoga Postures and Back Health
Yoga is a mind body exercise system based on postures and the achievement of peace of mind. Many people use yoga to keep their back pain away.

Will Pilates Improve Your Posture?
Pilates works anti-gravity, or posture muscles. But will it help you develop good posture habits or overcome back pain due to posture problems?

Posture and Breathing Muscles - How Does Posture Relate to Breathing?
Muscles that are used in breathing are the same ones that help you have good posture.

Posture Training and Posture Help
There are many things people to to correct bad posture, from posture training to back supports and posture supports. Have you tried posture training or other form of posture help? Tell us your story.See submissions

Annular Tear-Annular Fissure-About Annular Tears and Fissures
Annular Tear-Annular Fissure-About Annular Tears and Fissures

CAM, or complementary and alternative medicine, is a grouping of health systems that is growing in popularity. Although there is some medical research on CAM, the amount is much less than for conventional medicine.

Wellness and Back Pain
If you are out of ideas for coping with chronic neck or back pain, check out my extensive list of resources and articles on the topic.

Bodywork and Back Pain - Have you Tried Bodywork for Your Back Pain?
Body work is a form of complementary and alternative medicine - aka CAM that is sometimes very helpful in preventing or healing back pain. Have you tried bodywork for your back pain? Share your experience.

Activate Your Deep Muscle Core
Learn how to find and activate your transverse abdominal muscle.

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