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What are the Best Sex Positions for Facet Problems or Degenerative Arthritis?


Updated July 11, 2007

Question: What are the Best Sex Positions for Facet Problems or Degenerative Arthritis?
Symptoms associated with facet joint problems and degenerative spinal arthritis tend to show up when the back is arched. Keeping this in mind, use positions that will allow you to flex your spine (without overdoing it, of course). As with any sexual experience while you have back pain, staying relaxed is the key to success.

If you are on your back
Lying on your back with your knees and low back supported will allow for some bending in the back. If you bring your knees toward your chest, this will increase the amount of bending and may provide more relief. Experiment to find out. You will be passive during sex in this position.

If you are on top
Top partners with back pain may wish to try a modified missionary position in which they kneel. Prop your partner's body up with pillows, which will allow you to draw her or him to you. Or, you could both kneel -- one partner props their weight up on their forearms while the other enters from behind.

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