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Disk Problems and Sex - Have Sex Without Worsening Your Disk Problem

Conditions that cause back pain can interrupt your enjoyment of sex. If you suffer from a disk problem, before you have sex,take time to understand how best to position yourself and your partner for maximum enjoyment with least amount of back pain. You can also find ideas on new ways to enhance your relationship when you have a disk problem.

What Are the Best Sexual Positions for Pain Due to Disk Problems?
When you have back pain from a herniated disk, a bulging disk, or any other disk problem, there are ways to position yourself during sex to avoid aggravating your symptoms.

Sex Tips for Back Pain Sufferers
Back pain can get in the way of a fulfulling sex life. Here are some tips for enhancing your sex life and your relationship if one or more partner experiences back pain.

Ways to Enjoy Sex While Helping Your Back
Back pain can throw a wrench in your sex life. Here are 5 fun ways to adapt your sex life to accommodate your back pain. Adapting your sexual activities to be more sensual rather than sexual makes managing back pain relatively easy.

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