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Chiropractic Terms

Words Used by Chiropractors to Diagnose and Treat the Spine and Back Pain


Updated November 19, 2007

Chiropractic is a very popular form of treatment. The main thrust of the work of a chiropractor is to apply a calculated force to spinal joints and other structures to effect a change in alignment, and therefore the functioning of the nervous system. This, in turn, affects the the overall health of the individual. What are the terms to describe what chiropractors do and the problems they treat?

1. Subluxation

The subluxation is a term that expresses the condition of the position of spinal bones in relationship to one another. Subluxations are the main pathology treated by chiropractors.

2. Adjustment

The adjustment is the hallmark of chiropractic treatment. It involves applying force to motion segments to effect a positive change in the alignment of the vertebrae.

3. Manipulation

A manipulation is the application of force in a specific fashion. An adjustment is a type of manipulation.

4. Motion Segment

Motion segment is a more technical term describing the area chiropractors assess and adjust.

Date Created: April 2, 2006
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