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Treatment options for the different types of back pain and neck pain range from doing nothing to taking medication and undergoing procedures, like surgery. Throw in alternative treatment for back pain, and you can see there is a dizzying array of treatment options from which you and your doctor may choose. But which back pain treatment is right for you? This section will help you decide.
  1. Types of Back and Neck Treatments
  2. Conservative Care for Back Pain
  3. Back Doctors
  4. Medications and Drugs
  5. Back Surgery
  1. Pain and Pain Management
  2. Preventing Neck and Back Pain
  3. First Aid for Back and Neck Injury
  4. Alt Medicine and Bodywork

Types of Back and Neck Treatments

Treatment for back and neck pain ranges from "conservative care," (easy things like ice packs and exercises) to very invasive measures -- such as back surgery. Most of the time, your doctor will start your treatment as conservatively as possible, and, based on your back or neck's response, will determine your need for more invasive measures. This section presents the spectrum of treatment disciplines.

Conservative Care for Back Pain

Conservative care consists of physical therapy, medications, home exercise programs and manual therapy (thin massage). With conservative, non-invasive treatments, nothing is inserted into your spine, and you are not opened up on the operating table. In short, the risk is low, but in some cases, the effectiveness rate may be lower, too.

Back Doctors

Most of the time back pain goes away by itself. However, there are a few signs that may indicate the need for an appointment with a spine doctor or, in some cases, a trip to the emergency room. When in doubt, it is important to call your doctor. This section gives information for the times when it is appropriate to seek medical attention for your back or neck pain.

Medications and Drugs

This section contains drug profiles along with definitions of terms you should know if you take mediciation for back or neck pain. Be an educated consumer!

Back Surgery

No one wants to be cut up. It can be painful, inconvenient and risky. But if you've gotten little to no relief with conservative, non-invasive treatments, your doctor may suggest surgery. Here's the run down on back and neck surgery.

Pain and Pain Management

If you find yourself in the unfortunate position of having exhausted all your treatment options with unsatisfactory results, you may need pain management. Pain management is a branch of medicine that treats your pain as the disease. By nature, it is a multidisciplinary approach to the management of out-of-control pain.

Preventing Neck and Back Pain

What could be bettern than never getting back or neck pain in the first place? Here are some tips.

First Aid for Back and Neck Injury

No one wants to think the unthinkable, but most people are glad when someone on the scene of an injury has first aid certification and skill. This is especially true when it comes to injuries involving the neck. Getting the appropriate treatment for a neck or back injury as soon as it happens is extremely important to the outcome of that injury. This section contains information and procedures for emergency care for back and neck injuries.

Alt Medicine and Bodywork

According to the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, back pain is the number one reason why people seek alternative or complementary medicine. Neck pain is number 3. While there are many types of alternative treatments available, the research on them has yet to catch up with those of standard medicine. So it is a buyer beware marketplace. This section will help you stay informed on the developments in this burgeoning field.

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