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Back & Neck Pain: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
7 Great Hamstring Stretches for the Noobie and...
Hamstring stretches are a must in most every back healing or management program.
10 Quad Strengthening Exercises Sure to Help...
Quad strengthening exercises are known for their positive effect on knees, but did you know they can also help you develop support for your low back?
3 Ways to Get a Good Quad Stretch
Stretch your quad muscles with a hip bridge. Here's how.
Stretch and Release Your Groin Muscles - It's...
Groin muscles, when tight, may exert a pull on the pelvis that results in back pain. Find out how to release the inner thigh muscles to relax your back.
5 Hip Stretches for Low Back Pain Prevention...
Hip stretching exercises may help relieve your low back pain. But how, exactly, does that work? This short description explains it. Find out now.
Are tight hip muscles making your back hurt?...
Lower back pain is sometimes either caused or complicated by tight outer hip muscles. Try a few release moves and stretches now.
Fitness Tips for your Backache - Go One Legged
A backache is often due to lack of strength in hip muscles, and the lateral hip is key. Here are some fitness tips for relieving your backache with outer hip muscle strengthening.
Arthritis in the Neck
Arthritis in the neck is a disease that can, and often does, progress. Learn what you need to know to deal with it effectively
7 Workout Hacks to Fast Track a Healthy Back
Using workout routine strategy may help you exercise effectively with back pain.
Spinal Stenosis is No Picnic at the Beach, but...
Spinal stenosis, including lumbar spinal stenosis, is often due to age related changes in the spine. Learn about spinal stenosis, including treatment, diagnosis, and prevention. Find out when surgery is done for spinal stenosis, what the common symptoms are and what causes spinal stenosis.
How to Rule Out Meningitis as a Cause of Your...
Basic guidelines on ruling out meningitis as a cause of a stiff neck may save your life -- One symptom of meningitis is a stiff neck, but this type of stiff neck does not begin in the neck. The guidelines presented here will help you rule out meningitis as a cause of a stiff neck. If you have any doubt whatsoever as to whether you have meningitis or exposure to meningitis, seek medical attention immediately. Meningitis, especially bacterial meningitis is a very serious illness.
Quick and Easy Exercises to Ease Back Tension
Release back muscle tension and pain with quick and easy exercises.
Sciatica Symptoms - What's that Pain Going Down...
Sciatica symptoms can be awfully unpleasant. It helps if you know why you get these symptoms and and what to expect.
Meningitis Awareness Quiz
Meningitis Awareness Quiz Take the Meningitis Awareness Quiz to find out risks, symptoms and other information
Challenge your butt muscles to some bridge!
Hip bridge is a staple exercise in the spine rehab world. Here's how to do the basic form - and a few variations to keep you challenged.
Did you injure your neck? Find out what it...
Neck injuries, also known as cervical spine injuries, vary in severity and type. Learn about the 11 most common types of neck injury.
The 3 Most Common Causes of Sciatica
Sciatica is a word that is not always used accurately. Clarify the definition of this back pain term with me.
How Do I Know If It's a Herniated Disc?
Herniated disc symptoms are more than back pain or neck pain. Symptoms of herniated disk are called radiculopathy when the herniated disc presses on a spinal nerve root. Learn more about symptoms of herniated disc.
Sciatica Pain
Sciatica pain may be caused by a number of things and treated in a number of ways. Learn more.
Knees to Chest Exercise for Back Muscle Release
The knees to chest exercise is an easy and relaxing way to get rid of back muscle tension. Learn how to perform it.
Meningitis Symptoms
Meningitis symptoms are easily misunderstood, and that could cost you your life. Find out what you need to know about meningitis symptoms.
8 Home Remedies to Ease Your Neck and Back Pain
What to do for neck or back pain that's mild or began recently. This article talks about at home therapies.
A Yoga Sun Salutation Your Back Will Love
Sun salutation doesn't have to be taxing. Here's one you can do at your desk - and that you back will love.
Tailbone Pain - No Laughing Matter When You...
Tail bone pain, aka coccygodynia, may be caused by a one-time fall on the bum, but it can lead to a lot of discomfort - for a long time.
What is a Pinched Nerve, Exactly?
A short explanation of pinched nerve including symptoms and a definition. An example of a pinched nerve is given.
What Is Radiculopathy?
Radiculopathy is most often caused by a herniated disc. Radiculopathy can cause neck pain and back pain. There can be cervical radiculopathy or lumbar radiculopathy. Learn more about radiculopathy - causes, symptoms, treatment, diagnosis and more.
Important Information About Aleve and Naproxen
Aleve is a very common pain killer used for back pain and spinal arthritis. The generic name for Aleve is naproxen. Naproxen is available over the counter in generic form and brand and by prescription. Learn more about taking Aleve and naproxen for back pain, neck pain or spinal arthritis.
4 Ways to Deal with Constant Neck or Back Pain
If chronic neck or back pain is you constant companion - what do you do to get on with your life? Here are 4 helpful activities that are easy to put into action.
10 Types of Spine Specialists
Spine doctors treat back problems from a number of perspectives - orthopedic surgeons, physiatrists and rheumatologists use different approaches.
10 Great Exercises for Helping Lower Back Pain
Back exercise may be the best thing you ever do for your pain. Exercise for back muscles may strengthen your back muscles and help you develop core strength. In this back exercise series, you'll find upper back exercises and lower back exercises to try.
6 Popular Pain Relieving Moves for an Out of...
Sacroiliac joint pain can sometimes benefit from low tech moves. Here are 8 popular pain relievers for the SI joint.
Get Facts about Sciatica
Sciatic facts: What is it, causes, symptoms treatment and more.
How to Decide on an Over the Counter Pain...
There are two types of over-the-counter pain medication for back pain and neck pain -- NSAIDs and acetaminophen, or Tylenol. If your back or neck hurts enough for you to take something for it, over-the-counter (OTC) pain medications are probably what you reach for first.
A Sharp Pain in Your Lower Back May Have a...
Sharp lower back pain may be one of a number of things. Learn more about sharp low back pain.
Neuroforaminal Narrowing
Neuralforaminal stenosis can cause pain and disrupt your daily activities. But what is it and what causes it?
Your Butt and Your Back - What's the Connection
Fitness tips for backaches would not be complete without a discussion on the connection between your butt and your back. Check it out.
What is Military Neck?
Cervical kyphosis or loss of neck curve described.
Causes of Cervical Radiculopathy
Causes of cervical radiculopathy usually fall into one of two categories. Find out what they are and how they create your symptoms.
Is Meningitis Contagious
Meningitis is an infection that is contagious and spread through respiratory secretions.
Ouch! Those Nasty Neck Cricks!
Crick in neck is common, but not well defined. Explore what it means to have a neck kink, including what to do about it.
Studies on Mattress Types for Bad Backs
If you have a bad back, you may be wondering if you should shop for a firm mattress or a soft one. Find out what medical research studies say about mattress selection for people with bad backs.
Discogenic Low Back Pain - What Can YOU Do?
Yoga therapy for spinal discs - what's the evidence?
Back Muscle Spasm - What Works?
Back muscle spasm, while usually not serious, can seriously impact your quality of life.
Neck Pain? How to Tell if It’s a Sprain.
Neck sprains have several defining symptoms, not the least of which is neck pain, of course. Learn about the rest of them, including what to do.
How to Choose a Mattress for a Bad Back
If you have a bad back, making a mattress purchase requires some forethought. Here are some tips on how to buy a mattress for a bad back.
Back pain doesn't always start in the back. And...
Referred back pain may be due to serious underlying health problems. Learn about the most common causes.
3 Exercises that May Give You Sciatica (or...
Here are 3 exercises to avoid if you have sciatica - because the may irritate the sciatic nerve or bring on leg pain.
Facts About Your Herniated Disk
Herniated disk injury - facts, treatments, risk factors, symptoms and more.
What Is Sacroiliitis?
Sacroiliitis is a painful condition affecting the sacroiliac joints. It is a key sign in certain inflammatory diseases that also the sacrum.
The Ab Muscle Group
Ab muscle groups described in terms of posture, including deep abdominals.
What Is Cervicalgia?
What is cervicalgia? Here is a definition of cervicalgia.
Twisted Spine and Rotated Vertebrae
One way to hurt your back is to lift with a twisted spine. Learn more about rotated vertebrae and how best to protect you back.
7 Simple Steps to Improve Your Posture
Sitting with good posture may help you avoid back pain, neck pain or other muscle pain. Learn how to sit with good posture.
All About Dural Tears and Cerebrospinal Fluid...
When cerebrospinal fluid leaks because of a dural tear, you may need another surgery. Just what is a dural tear and why don't hospitals like to admit them when they occur?
Understand Your Trapezius Muscles and Why They...
Trapezius muscles are the site of many a sore spot. Find out why in this quicky, and easy to understand anatomy lesson.
Not Sure about a 2nd Back Surgery? Here are 5...
Revision spine surgery is likely no patient's treat. How do you know when you really need a 2nd back surgery? Here are 5 possibilities.
Should You Get a Spinal Epidural Injection for...
Spinal epidural injection is most often given for sciatica. Learn more about its effectiveness, and decide for yourself if it's worth the risk.
Try a Water Exercise Routine for Your Back
Aquatic exercise is one way people with back pain manage their condition. Try this basic routine.
Sex with a Back Bad - Disc Problems
Sex with a bad back, including disc problems, can lead to no fun at all. Learn about the modifications you can make.
Ibuprofen for Back Pain
Motrin for back pain - how to take it safely and what to expect.
At What Point Should You See a Doctor for Back...
Most of the time back pain, back aches and neck pain resolve on their own. But there some signs you should get them checked by a sign specialist or doctor. Your back pain, neck pain or back ache may be the sign of a red flag, or a serious problem. Examples are leg pain, back injury or radiating pain down legs or arms.
The Daunting Sacroiliac Joint
Sacroiliac joint pain can be daunting because of the lack of muscles that directly cross over the joint. Learn more about this key area of your low back.
Hamstring Muscles and Your Back Pain
Hamstring muscle contraction plays a role in posture conditions and back pain.
Does your Spinal Stenosis Cause Leg Cramping?
Neurogenic claudication is a classic symptom of spinal stenosis. Find out how it relates to posture.
Spinal Epidural Injections, Trigger Point...
Injections for back pain are often grouped according to where the needle goes. Learn about 4 common types of spinal injections.
Is It Safe to Exercise with Back Pain or a Sore...
Is it safe to go to the gym and exercise when your back is sore? It depends in part on what gave you a back ache, stiff neck or the like in the first place.
Pelvic Tilt Exercise
Pelvic tilt exercises are a great way to strengthen and stretch your lower back. Get the instructions.
About Your Facet Joints
The facet joints are often the cause of spine pain. Learn about the anatomy of the facets and what kinds of problems typically cause facet joint pain.
6 Types of Exercise to Relieve Back Pain
Doing back exercises can give you a healthy back. Find the right back exercise program for your condition. If you have a bad back, you may just need an exercise program to help strengthen and stretch your back muscles. There are many types of back strengthening exercises from aquatic therapy, Pilates, yoga, core support and core stabilization work to the Egoscue Method, McKenzie and more.
Central Canal Stenosis - Genetic or Arthritic?
Central canal stenosis may be genetic, but can be just as much due to the way you live your life.
5 Ways to Correct Your Posture with Exercise
Posture sagging? Check out these 5 training tips for correcting misalignments.
What is Piriformis Syndrome?
Piriformis syndrome is a rare type of sciatica. Piriformis syndrome causes pain in the buttock area, as well as down the leg.
Before You Do Yoga for Your Back
People with back pain have to be extra careful when trying out exercise and movement to help themselves. Yes, doing yoga for your back may give you the benefit of pain relief, but establishing a yoga for back pain practice that is safe and meaningful for your condition requires that you know more about why and how to do selected yoga poses than the average yoga student. It also means that you should know when not to do a pose, so that you can avoid making your back pain worse.
What's that Pain in Your Mid Back About?
Thoracic spine pain - while less common than neck or back pain - is still a significant problem. Learn what to do about mid or upper back pain.
What is Viral Meningitis?
Viral meningitis, which is caused by the enterovirus and is also known as aseptic meningitis, is the easier of the two types of spinal meningitis.
What is Facet Joint Hypertrophy?
Facet joint hypertrophy is a type of spondylosis and spinal arthritis that may cause pain. Learn more about it.
The Quadriceps and Back Health - How Do They...
The quadriceps and hamstrings work together to balance your pelvic position. The quadriceps need to stretch in order to work well with the hamstrings. Here is my take on quadriceps stretching for a healthy back.
Low Back or Lumbar Spine
The low back is technically called the lumbar spine. The lumbar spine or low back is easily injured. Injuries and pain to the low back are among the most common of all medical problems. This short article defines and describes the lumbar spine.
Aspirin for Back Pain
Aspirin is often the first thing you reach for when you have a back ache or neck pain. Aspirin is an over-the-counter medication that helps with back muscle pain, spinal arthritis and minor injuries to the back or neck.
Sciatic Nerve and Sciatic Nerve Pain
Sciatic nerve pain is also called sciatica, and is caused by the sciatic nerve. The sciatic nerve is responsible for leg pain in cases of sciatica. Learn more about the sciatic nerve and sciatica.
Bulging Disc
Bulging disc definition, including how it compares with herniated disc and prolapsed disc.
Neck Exercises for Arthritis Joint Pain
Neck exercises for arthritis joint pain can make or break your quality of life. Here are the basics of arthritis neck exercises, as well as a few tips for sleeping when your neck hurts
What is Bacterial Meningitis?
Bacterial meningitis must be taken very seriously and if not treated immediately and appropriately can result in death.
Shoulder Massage Technique You Can Do On Yourself
Self neck massage may be the only way to get relief from tight trapezius muscles when there's no one around. Here's how to massage this neck muscle.
The Breathing Process
The breathing process - ventilation, inhalation and exhalation. Page 2.
Compression Fractures in the Spine
Compression fractures in the spine affect people with osteoporosis especially. Learn more about this type of back injury.
Discectomy for Herniated Disc
Discectomy, such as microdiscectomy, is surgery for disc herniation. Learn about discectomy and microdiscectomy for disc herniation.
Decide on pain medications with skill.
Side effects for back and neck pain medication can be deal breakers-or not. The key is to weigh them against benefits of pain relief before deciding.
Spinal Cysts
Learn more about synovial cysts, a relatively rare cause of back pain or spinal conditions.
Pain management is a team project.
Pain medicine, also called pain management, is a branch of medicine that deals with treating pain and helping people learn to cope with pain.
Back Muscle Spasm - Why Me?
Muscle spasm occurs in large muscle groups after injury or strain to the back.
5 Causes of a Straight (or Reversed) Neck Curve
Loss of cervical curve is also called military neck, straight spine or cervical kyphosis. Is this condition the cause of your neck pain?
3 Approaches to Strong Hamstrings, Good Posture...
Hamstring strengthening exercises can help you achieve balanced pelvic alignment and a healthy spine. Here are 3 approaches.
Neuralforaminal Stenosis Treatment
Here are the main neuralforaminal stenosis treatment options. The good news is you may not need back surgery for this painful condition.
9 Approaches to Strength Exercises for Back Pain
Core strength training, including yoga core strength, Pilates core strength and core strength on the ball are big these days. Building core strength is a matter of finding the core strength workout or exercises that fit your lifestyle and personality. This article introduces core stability and core strengthening, and helps you get going on choosing a program that is right for you. So find those core muscles now.... your abdominal muscles are waiting!
Got Back Mice? Navigate This Often Misinformed...
Back mice, aka episacroiliac lipoma, Iliac crest pain syndrome, multifidus triangle syndrome, lumbar fascial fat herniation, is an unusual pain source.
Is Your Office Chair Causing Back Pain? It's...
Chair back angles are a common ergonomic adjustment. But if you really want to get good posture at the office, learn about your chair height and hip joint angle.
Spondylolysis Treatment
Spondylolysis treatment aims to reduce lordosis in the lower back. During the treatment the spine is kept from hyperextension.
5 Tips for Preventing Spinal Stenosis
Prevent spinal stenosis with a little knowledge and a few habit changes.
Pelvic Floor Strengthening
Pelvic floor strengthening programs, such as Kegel exercises and other systems that contract the pelvic floor muscles, help the strengthen the back, enhance sex and reduce or eliminate the embarrassment of incontinence.
Broken Neck
Broken neck is one of those terms that means different things to different people. Get the facts.
Non-Surgical Low Back Herniated Disc Treatments
Back pain treatment for a spinal disc herniation in your low back may mean physical therapy and back pain exercises.
Spinal Fusion for Degenerative Disc Disease -...
Spinal fusion for degenerative disc disease is not without its risks. Adjacent segment degeneration, or ASD, is one such risk. If you are planning a spinal fusion, check to see if you have any of these risk factors.
Do you have Cauda Equina Syndrome Symptoms? If...
Cauda equina syndrome symptoms are a sign that you need immediate medical attention. Learn more about these symptoms, and controversial treatments for cauda equina syndrome.
Arthritis depriving you of sleep? Check out...
Neck arthritis pillows and other strategies for getting a good nights rest despite the pain.
Are You at Risk for Acute Lower Back Pain?
Acute low back pain is a backache that results from a back injury such as back strain, or a back condition. Learn about symptoms, causes, and treatments for acute low back pain.
Latissimus Dorsi
Latissimus dorsi functions, locations and more.
Yoga for Back Pain
Yoga is a mind/body exercise system that relieves back pain and neck pain and improves back and neck conditions. Chronic low back and neck injuries and pain can be helped with the right kind of yoga.
The Lumbar Spine
The lumbar spine is the site of many back injuries. Some basic understanding about the structure and function of the lower back may help to interpret a doctor's diagnosis of low back pain.
Strengthen Your Neck Muscles
Strengthening neck muscles is one of the keys to reducing pain due to spinal arthritis. Here's why and which exercises can help you manage this type of neck pain.
Whiplash Causes and Symptoms
Whiplash is often, but not always caused by car accidents. Learn more about whiplash causes and symptoms.
The Best Way to Talk to Your Doctor About Back...
Symptoms of back pain and neck pain may have you running to the doctor for treatment. Before the doctor can give you a treatment for your back pain or neck pain, she or he must understand what your symptoms are. It is very important to clearly and accurately communicate your back pain symptoms to your doctor.
Relieve pain with good spinal alignment
Posture without alignment can be the source of much back pain. Here are 10 ways to develop good posture and relieve some back pain in the process.
Elavil for Chronic Back Pain
Elavil for pain - how to take it, how to stay safe with it and other dosage information
What is the Difference Between Myofascial Pain...
Myofascial pain and fibromyalgia share similarities such as tender points and muscle pain. But do you know what the differences are between fibro and myofascial pain? This article presents them.
Keep Your Low Back Healthy by Working Your...
For spine wellness and health, it's true that strong back muscles are a must. But did you know your hip muscles are also key?
Meningitis - Neck Pain Caused by Infection
Meningitis - Neck Pain Caused by Infection
Is a Tilted Pelvis Causing Your Back Pain?
Tilted pelvis as a cause of low back pain may prompt you to see a chiropractor. Learn more about this underlying condition.
What Is Amitriptyline (Elavil)?
Amitriptyline, aka Elavil is sometimes given as an adjuvant pain medication to chronic back pain sufferers. Learn about amitriptyline - Elavil as a pain medication for back pain.
Forward Head Posture
Forward head posture is a postural alignment problem in the cervical spine that is often related to kyphosis. Here is information about exactly what forward head posture is, how it relates to kyphosis and more.
What Can the Straight Leg Raise Test Tell You?
The straight leg test is used for diagnosing low back pain. Find out what it can tell you about your spine.
SCM Muscle - Key Muscle for Neck Function
The SCM is a muscle in the cervical spine that makes a big difference in how your neck feels and moves. Learn more.
Strength Exercises for Low Back Spinal Arthritis
Strength exercises for arthritis may help you manage pain and symptoms. Learn a few you can add to your range of motion work.
Common Back Pain Red Flags
Back pain red flags are signs that your spine pain is caused by a serious underlying disease such as cancer, spinal infection or spinal meningitis. Here are the most common red flags for back pain.
What is a Back Strain?
What is a back strain? Learn the basics about this cause of low back pain.
Spondylolysis is a back injury that causes back pain. Spondylolysis is common with young competitive athletes, for example gymnasts and ballerinas. Spondylolysis can lead to spondylolisthesis. Spondylolysis can also occur in adults, especially those with lordosis.
Isometric Neck Strengthening Exercise
Neck exercise can be tricky if your neck is sore or weak. Isometric exercise may be the best neck strengthening work you can do at first.
Pros & Cons Of A Spinal Cord Stimulator
Spinal cord stiimulators, also known as neurostimulators are used for chronic back pain conditions. Because spinal cord stimulation and neurostimulators are an invasive pain management strategy, weighing the risks and benefits can help in the decision to try this therapy.
3 Types of Skeletal Muscle Relaxers for Back...
Skeletal muscle relaxants may help you make strides in physical therapy or help you get back to work sooner. Here are 3 types.
Nerves compressed? It may be neuralforaminal...
Neuralforaminal stenosis symptoms often arise from compression at the spinal nerve root. Find out what that means.
7 Treatments for Sacroiliac Joint Pain and...
Sacroiliac joint derangement is also known as sacroiliac dysfunction. Few, if any SIJD treatments have proven effective by research. Find out why.
5 Scoliosis Treatments You Should Know About
Scoliosis treatment decisions are limited, especially in the United States. Learn about conventional medicine treatment, plus some alternatives.
What you Need to Know about Muscles and Back Pain
Soft tissue - the quality and condition of it - can greatly influence your back pain levels. Find out how and get ideas on what to do about it.
What is Neuropathic Pain?
Nerve pain is called neuropathic pain and is a nervous system problem in which a nerves are damaged or disrupted. If you have neck weakness, it's possible you may have neuropathic pain. Sciatic nerve pain is also common. Neuropathic pain is entirely different than acute, nocioceptive pain.
Inflammatory Arthritis - Ankylosing Spondylitis
Ankylosing spondylitis is a type of arthritis where inflammation causes the spine to fuse. Learn the basics of ankylosing spondylitis.
What Is a Swayback Posture?
Swayback -- aka swayback posture -- is one of several types of posture problems. Learn more about swayback here.
Parts of the Spine
Back pain diagnosis often includes the name of the part of the spine that is involved in causing the pain. Learn about the parts of the spine.
For Sciatica Caused by Herniated Disc - Which...
When sciatic is related to a herniated disc, certain positional precautions should be taken when you do back exercises. Find out what they are.
Understanding Radiculopathy - Nerve Roots and...
Nerve pain, from pinched nerves, sciatica or other radiating pain often travels through the dermatomes. Dermatomes are like paths cut by the nerves which come from the spine and go out to the rest of the body. Learn about nerve roots, dermatomes and nerve pain.
How to Perform a Wall Squat
Wall squats make for a great work break exercise. Learn how to perform them.
Got the "Office Worker's Scrunch?" It could be...
Desk height is foundational to getting a good fit with your workstation. Find out what the Office Workers Scrunch is and how to adjust your desk to avoid it.
Muscle Relaxer - Flexeril
The skeletal muscle relaxer, cyclobenzeprine, may help you recover from back muscles spasms. Learn more about this potentially helpful drug, including how to take it.
Spinal Anatomy - Your Curves
Spinal curves play a big role in your ability to move through life with a pain free spine. Find out how to identify them and where the pitfalls are.
What is Physiatry?
What is a physiatrist? Find out in this short article.
Neck Range of Motion Exercises for Arthritis
A reader emailed me to ask about neck exercises for her arthritis. Here is my response - develop neck range of motion with these simple exercises.
Give it Some Skin
Superficial - Definition and examples for anatomy, back surgery and physical therapy.
Back Injury - Heat or Ice?
Low back pain or back injury - should you ice it or heat it? Find out what doctors recommend.
How Does Total Disc Replacement Stack Up...
Which is safer and better - the total disc replacement or a spinal fusion?
Spondylolisthesis is a spinal condition that causes pain and is often preceded by spondylolysis. Treatment of spondylolisthesis is to reduce back pain and stabilize the spine. Learn more about spondylolisthhesis and spondylolisthesis treatment.
Posture, Injury and Back Pain - Spinal Flexion
Spinal flexion is a spinal movement we are all familiar with on some level. It can contribute to poor posture or injury, but sometimes it relieves pain.

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