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Reader Stories: What were you Doing when Your Back Went Out?


Updated July 02, 2010

No one really plans to throw their back out. But a hard day of spring cleaning or working out without warming up first (among other things) may result in an injury many people refer to as throwing their back out. Have you thrown your back out? What were you doing when it happened? Share your story.

Unsung heroes have limits, too.

Nothing more than my usual work - restraining violent mental health patients, pushing beds, assisting with patient care, doing usual security duties, patrolling, responding to violent situation. not …More

No Longer As Independent Because Of My Back Injury

The thing is-I didn't do anything different in days leading to back injury. I turned out to have a herniated disc-complicated by scoliosis I'd had from birth, but which had never bothered before this…More

Back Injury - Herniated Disc and Sciatica - from Lifting a Marble Table

Walked, shopped, cleaned house, went on beach, swam enjoyed myself.We had retired to Spain the year before and intended to travel and see Spain and Portugal, walk daily on beach get fit and have a he…More

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