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That D-rn Computer!*#!!

Share Your Story: Coping with a Pain Syndrome

By khayesrn

Updated June 08, 2010

About My Back or Neck Pain Syndrome

I have fibromyalgia as well as spinal dis-alignment that frequently causes back and neck pain.

Problems Caused by My Syndrome

It is most difficult for me to sit at the computer when my back is bothering me. Sharp pains in between my shoulder blades become unbearable. My neck frequently bothers me as well, and I occasionally become bedridden due to the pain. This is most disabling because my job requires me to do a lot of typing at the computer.

Lessons Learned

  • I have found that ice packs work very well for helping my pain when I absolutely have to sit at the computer for work and also taking frequent breaks to stretch. When I can get away from my desk reading a book helps distract me from my pain. Anything I can do that is mentally stimulating helps keep my mind off of my back and neck. Sometimes I use muscle rub like ICY HOT. That can be helpful too.
  • Kristin
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Anne Asher, About.com Back & Neck Pain, says:

Thanks, for sharing your tips, Kristin!

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