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Readers Respond: What Do You Do When You Have a Crick in the Neck?

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Updated April 02, 2009

From the article: Crick in Neck
A crick in the neck can be painful...and even just plain annoying. It can also be difficult to shake. Have you ever gotten rid of a "crick in the neck" on your own? Share what worked for you -- and what didn't. Share Your Best Remedies

it hurts so bad

I woke up this morning and my neck poped it freaked me out so i went to the bathroom and i tried moving my head around but i couldnt so i told my sister and she said that it was probaly just a crick. I used a towel with ice and put it on my neck and i been massaging my neck through out the day and it helped a little. I took a warm shower and ket the water hit me on the neck which gelped. And when i go to bed i gave to sleep on my back or the oppisite side that it hurts. Can anyone please tell me how tofet rid of it fast. Im only 13 and this is my first crick in my neck.
—Guest skylar

My solution

Here's my solution: I always take a nap on the side where it hurts, and it always works (:
—Guest guest

Crick! I have it !

I woke up this morning to go to school, as always, and my neck was killing me! I told my dad he Said it was a crick! He said to just to move it and I'm home after school and it still hurts and I don't no what to do HELP please!!!
—Guest -Alyssa

Wost time

I got a crick and guess wat it was on a mOndy!!!I also had gym and a retreat what I did was take a warm shower,put heat pads on it a have a spoonful of Tylenol but then I had to go to the hope an healing concert augh! Bummer }:(
—Guest 604lou

my 1st crick

I woke up with a crick and so *I moved my head around. It popped one side. I put IcyHot on it and it popped again. I put a heating pad on and it was gone.
—Guest will

Can't take the pain anymore

Woke up this morning with a horrible pain in my neck and shoulder. Nothing worked. I tried a hot bath, rubbing and pain killers and now I can't move my neck at all.
—Guest Crazy

how I get rid of a crick

I roll my neck around like in a circle motion a few times until I feel a pop. Or I swag my head left to right for a while it and it's usually fine.
—Guest nettynette

just wondering if its normal

i'm 11 almost 12 and i have a crick! its terrible. my head is crooked to the side the crick isn't and itr even hurts when i jump?! does any know if getting a crick at this age is normal?i've seen a few people that are 12 and 13. And i know very little on cricks! can anyone inform me, or tell me a website that can inform me.thank you than you thank you! and any remedies, well, i've tried an ice pack the 1st 24 hours, then a heating pad, it weakened it, but it still is killing me!!its not as pain ful anymore, but how long do cricks stay normally?
—Guest it hurts!


My neck was hurting yesterday when I woke up and it still does. I can't turn or tilt my head to the left or anything. I move it around and take painkillers and everything, but its still here. I can't tell if its muscular or bone.
—Guest In pain

crick neck how to get stop

I never had it before but right now as I speak my mom has it and its so painful for her she can't even sleep or eat. She says it hurts really bad.
—Guest logan

dont pop it

Here's my understanding of what a "crick" is. It's a stretched or torn ligament. it's like a pulled or tightened muscle, and what you can do to help it heal is DONT MOVE IT. don't stretch it or try to "pop" it, you're just stretching and tearing it more. ibuprofen (anti inflamatory) and muscle relaxers will help. at least once a year i have to go to the doctor and get muscle relaxers to help my stiff neck, but 10 days prescription and the muscles relax, everything back to normal. if you can't take it anymore go see the doctor and they'll give u muscle relaxers.
—Guest aaron wade

Crick in the neck

When I have a crick, I look to the opposite way of the crick, put chin to shoulder and slowly look towards the sky. I repeat about 3 times and it usually goes away.
—Guest Kcapers


i woke up at 10:30 with a crincked neck and everyone just said move it and it will go in 5 mins so i tried and tried to move it and now its 9:00 and i still have it. curse you crincked neck!!!!!!!! plz help me out. :-(
—Guest miss w

ughh I hate cricks

Ok back in August in 2011 I had my first crick and I tried icyhot, ice heating pad , rubbing it. it still did not work and it is the Middle of February 2012 and I STILL HAVE A HORRIBLE CRICK! Should I go to the doctor?
—Guest guest78


I usually get a rice bag and heat it in the microwave and put it around my neck for awhile. After that I move it around and it stops hurting. Works for me every time :).
—Guest Ally Cat

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What Do You Do When You Have a Crick in the Neck?

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