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Readers Respond: What Do You Do When You Have a Crick in the Neck?

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Updated April 02, 2009

From the article: Crick in Neck
A crick in the neck can be painful...and even just plain annoying. It can also be difficult to shake. Have you ever gotten rid of a "crick in the neck" on your own? Share what worked for you -- and what didn't.


i woke up at 10:30 with a crincked neck and everyone just said move it and it will go in 5 mins so i tried and tried to move it and now its 9:00 and i still have it. curse you crincked neck!!!!!!!! plz help me out. :-(
—Guest miss w

ughh I hate cricks

Ok back in August in 2011 I had my first crick and I tried icyhot, ice heating pad , rubbing it. it still did not work and it is the Middle of February 2012 and I STILL HAVE A HORRIBLE CRICK! Should I go to the doctor?
—Guest guest78


I usually get a rice bag and heat it in the microwave and put it around my neck for awhile. After that I move it around and it stops hurting. Works for me every time :).
—Guest Ally Cat

To help a crick.....

I use a heating pad, or stick on heat, such as Tylenol's. I use this off and on. TI also tke an anti-inflammatory, such as ibuprofen, as frequently as recommended. I make sure I keep moving a normal amount, but I don't try to do anything that hurts. Laying around will stiffens it up more. Good luck!
—Guest crick help


I can't move my head in any direction except down. Heat doesn't help. Meds don't help. This is NOT fun. Plus I need to pop my back and because I can't move my neck, I can't pop!
—Guest --

crick ugh it hurts

my neck hurt so bad,i cant sleep an im pregnant on top of that
—Guest mrs nash

the crick strikes another

I'm having my first crick and i got it this morning when I woke up. The pain has gotton worse and nothings working any ideas of what to do? I hope so.
—Guest brettabc3

No such thing

There is no suck thing as a "crick". For me, it was a rib out of place causing pain and muscle spasm. Very simple fix . . . I went to a chiropractor. My crick was so bad I could 't walk. I went in telling him I had a crick in my neck . . . he popped the rib and I was better the second it went into place
—Guest MrsW

Rub it and move it

In my experience, there is really no way to help a crick in your neck other than rub and move.
—Guest lady monkey

A horrible crick

What I do is put a heating pad On my neck when I'm about to go to bed. It helps a lot and it is very soothing.
—Guest Help is here

Stiff NEck

I have had the same crick in my neck for the pass 4 days. I can't turn my head to the right or look down. MY NECK IS STIFF! I tryed everything icy hot, hot rag and pain killers. Nothing works.
—Guest SacoyaStevens

Cricked neck me too

I have a huge pain as in a crick on the left what should I do
—Guest Me


ok so today i woke up amd my neck hurt a little so im like wateva and then when i went to my friends house it was like omg ow my neck and then a couple hours later im like ow ow ow because i can even bend my neck back or turn to the right and so i went to my neighbor shes a nurse i asked her is she had any tolenal or however you spell it and she did so i took it so i relized i need to sleep so i can relax and let the medicing kick in but guess what i have a lil cant sleep thing so ugh what do i do?
—Guest ihateneckpains

crick in neck

There's a painful crick in my neck. I'm trying my best to get rid of it as soon as possible.
—Guest deborah

ugh , HELP ME !!

Ok, so I woke up this morning with a crick in my neck and it hurt so bad that I couldn't even move. I put a hot towel on where the pain was but, it didn't make a difference. I moved my head around & side to side . But it hurt so bad, I didn't even wanna do that. My mom kept asking too crack it but I was to scared.
—Guest Shantaviaaa

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