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Readers Respond: Should Medical Marijuana Be Used for Conditions Like Back Pain?

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Updated July 20, 2010

Although a number of influential health organizations have begun to issue statements favoring medical marijuana use for pain, medical marijuana is still a very controversial topic. Some say marijuana helps with pain and other conditions. What do you think? Should marijuana be used to help reduce back or neck pain? Should it be used for other health problems? Share your opinion.

NOTE: Please do not talk about your experiences with marijuana. Answers that describe your medical marijuana use will not be published.

guest vince

Yes to thc , yes I have a back pain 24 /7 and it has been going on since 07 I've tried several nerve blocks and hydrocodien and have had side affects that make me look like I'm a drug addict , so a friend recommend a natural old fashion joint and it worked totaly relaxes my body and takes away the pain within a few mins and then I feel like I can move around enough to take care of my three kids and my motherly duties around the house ,cause I also can't work because of epilepsy and back and neck injuries.I hope this helps it helps me...I'm only 33 I have to be able to move ..this helps.
—Guest guest corie

severe lower back pain

YES it should. Does anyone know what the dose will be when the government legalizes it?
—Guest t gang

lost a part of my life,still suffering.

marijuana has been used for pajn relief for a few hundred yrs.tell the dumyes that think there so smart and run the country to read the bible that refers to the use of weed.iwounder how many of those know at alls use weed.time for a revolution.we have to stand up together god give us the brains and backbone to fight back,before it is too late
—Guest whodo

best pain relierver

lumbar disc shot, hydromorph-contin doesot stop the pain like good weed .also,no side effects.who are the brainless ones that make the laws.too bad they do not get a dose ofa wornun out disc. i get so bloody mad.who are the dummies that make the rules.commies
—Guest swanhillian

Anti-marijuana law essentially illogical

I was medically retired from the Navy after my second spinal fusion- I've now had seven, cervical and lumbar. I have been on very high doses of opioids for years (Fentanyl 100 mcg patch with oxycodone or 20 mg morphine for breakthrough pain), along with the usual Cymbalta and the diazepam 10-20 mg for spasming, etc.-- I travel with a small pharmacy. If marijuana, taken orally to avoid smoking's side effects, would reduce my need for opiods (both are Class I narcotics, despite marijuana not being a narcotic at all), I would certainly rather eat a brownie than pop three-four more pills. The idea that medically-prescribed marijuana is more dangerous than medically-prescribed morphine is an illogical hold-over from the anti-hippy Sixties, itself an equally illgical hold-over from years earlier, when the government thought of marijuana as a drug used by immoral black jazz musicians (and thus made superior hemp rope impossible to find in the US!)
—Guest Retired Naval Officer

Effects of Marijuana

Everyone should stop lying and tell the truth. Marijuana is a plant. The bud that is smoked is the flower of the plant. It is not grown with radioactive fertalizers and has no carcinogenic materials in the smoke. You inhale burnt plant matter. Roll a fat blunt, kick back and enjoy the nature:)
—Guest Smokey Mcpot

Marijana works better than Oxycodone

Pot helps me more than strong narcotics in my chronic pain in low back without all the bad qualities of hard narcotics. Less depression, constipation, tolerance building up & up and no addiction issues. I have NO REASON TO LIE!
—Guest John


Absolutely , MJ should be prescribed if it works for any medical condition, at one time it was legally prescribed. Many drugs today have significant side efects but still used. MJ has little side effects.
—Guest Ed Thompson

Medical marijuana for chronic back and n

As a younger car accident victim, who suffers from post operative back and neck pain, I feel medical marijuana should be legalized and prescribed. Unfortunely, I am one who develops a tolerance to all medications. Due to this problem, I have had to rotate medications and have learned, although there are many medication names, there are really only about five groups of narcotics. If marijuana was legal (federally) and prescribed, I would have yet another medication to work with, that has fewer side effects. Unfortunately, due to the lack of relief from narcotics, I am now in the process of applying for disability. I would like to have another option, perhaps medical marijuana would be the medication that allows me to feel "normal" or at least have some control over my pain.
—Guest G Smith

marijuana helps in pains

I boiled the marijuana and added 1 spoon of Vicks plus another one of honey. I stored in a fridge for a day before drinking it. This really helped my neck and back pains go away.
—Guest MOTAI


IT MUST BE SMOKED IN PRIVATE or in a controlled environment so others can avoid a contact high. That can be dangerous if a bystander to the smoker is extremely sensitive or allergic to pot, especially if they a) don't recognize the smell since they somehow haven't been knowingly exposed to it and b) have no clue they're that sensitive and what their reaction to pot might be. THAT could be very dangerous for the non-smoking person and anyone they come in contact with while they're high - like driving.

Yes for 2 reasons

I think it should be used for back pain. I suffer from FBSS with massive amounts of scar tissue around the L4-L5 fusion. 1st. the use of marijuana does a great job at dulling the sharp, stabbing nerve pain, and for safety reasons that is enough because it eliminates these severe sharp pains that cause me to loose my balance and fall as well as the sharp pain and spasms that have caused me to swerve while drive on the interstate. Secondly, I believe it helps with the depression and anxiety associated with chronic back pain. It does provide a feeling of well being and eliminates the constant thoughts of helplessness associated with long enduring chronic pain. The joy of feeling "high" is something I outgrew decades ago but see as a worth while trade off when compared with the depressive existence of always being in pain. The anti-depressants like Cymbalta do a good enough job, but they are just another pill I have to worry about taking all the time to regulate my dopamine levels.
—Guest Ronnie

Tell that to the patients on trial in Mt

We have three patients on trial in Montana right now by the Feds and there are about a dozen more waiting for indictments to be handed down. Readers need to contact their Representatives and Obama and urge them to tell Eric Holder to abide by his agreement as spelled out in his letter. Innocent patients continue to be arrested and their money, medicine and property seized. This is unforgivable.
—Guest Baja Bob

Yes we Cannabis!

I'm a disabled veteran, several spinal surgeries and spent 16+ years on Morphine and Oxy etc. like many others here. I have been a Montana Medical Marijuana patient for about three years and while it does not kill all of my pain it slows my tolerance to the opoids and makes me happier and less likely to OD and end all this pain once and for all. I guess that's a bad thing to some people but I think anything that makes an old beat up codger like me smile and doesn't hurt anyone else the Government should just butt out. NOTE FROM BACK AND NECK GUIDE: The Federal government and some states are beginning to "butt out" as you put it. The Obama Administration is leaving it to the states now, and if you get arrested, it'll will happen on either the local or state level. It's all in this article, which was researched carefully for accuracy and factualness: http://backandneck.about.com/od/chronicpainconditions/i/medmar.htm
—Guest Baja Bob

Why not try it.

I think it should be legal in all states for medical reasons, if it can help and I don't have to take as many pain pills, that would be great, and the government will get more money in there pocket, cause we all know they need it lol. Thanx
—Guest sweetznsl

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