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Pulled a Muscle in Your Back, Did You?

Pulled Back Muscle - What to Do?

When you first pull a muscle in your low back, there are certain things you can to speed along your overall recovery.

Back Muscle Strain
Back & Neck Pain Spotlight10

Finding Your Perfect Physiotherapist

Finding a physiotherapist who is also a back specialist and with whom you work well with may require some research on your part. Here are some inside tips from a physical therapist.

Framework for the Lower Back by Nicholas DiNubile Book Review

If you are looking for a scientific way to extend the life of your low back spinal structures, Framework for the Low Back may be just the ticket. Read my review.

Clinical Guide to Muscloskeletal Palpation - Book Review

Clinical Guide to Musculoskeletal Anatomy book review. Find out how you can name the bones, muscles and joints that hurt.

Back and Neck Pain Blogs - Signing Off

Back and Neck Pain blog

Thoracic Spine Pain

Much ado is made about neck pain and low back pain.  But less is known about thoracic spine pain, which, simply put is pain in your mid and/or upper back.

7 Things You Can Stop Doing to Alleviate a Stiff Neck

If you have a stiff neck, you likely can do something  - or up to 7 things - about it.  Check out my latest article:  Stiff Neck - 7 Things to Stop Doing

Mattresses and Bad Backs

Many readers write in requesting information about buying a mattress that could help their back.  While there's no one brand or model I can suggest for

Stiff Neck - 7 Things to Stop Doing Right Now

Stiff necks run the gamut from mild to serious. Here are 7 things you can stop doing in order to stop your stiff neck from taking over your life.

Thoracic Spine Pain

Thoracic spine pain - while less common than neck or back pain - is still a significant problem. Learn what to do about mid or upper back pain.

Support Resources for People with Chronic Neck or Back Pain

It used to be that support from other people was limited primarily to groups set up by pain organizations to help you cope.  These still exist and are a good

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