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Anne Asher

Mind Your Anatomy

By February 18, 2012

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One thing I like about exercise systems such as yoga and Pilates is that they train you to become more aware of your anatomy.  In my opinion, this makes the work more precise.  It's also my opinion that if you do exercises while maintaining accurate anatomical awareness, you stand a better chance of managing, reducing or eliminating neck and back pain.

The low back, in particular, is influenced by the way you place your pelvis. If the pelvis is in a balanced and/or level position, you may be able to work the muscles of your core in a balanced way, too.  My experience is, this can only be good for a back.

So how do you know when your pelvis is in the right place?

If you're sitting, be sure to identify and level out your ishial tuberosities.

For other positions, the following articles may provide insight:

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