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Anatomy of the Low Back - Structures Involved in Lower Back Pain

Many people find that with a simple low back anatomy lesson, they are better able to understand and work with their doctors to get treatment for their low back pain or problem. Check this category for descriptions and pictures of the lumbar spine, which is a fancy name for - low back.

Lumbar Spine
The lumbar spine is a fancy way of saying low back. This short article gives you the anatomy basics of the lumbar spine.

Lumbar Spine - L5-S1
The spine in the lower back - called the lumbar spine - has segments. The L5-S1 segment spans between the lumbar spine and the sacral area. Find out where the L5-S1 segment is and one significance it has to low back injury.

The sacrum is a bone that serves as a wedge between the two hips, to stabilize them. Learn more about the sacrum including where in the low back it is located, and a key point in keeping joints around the sacrum healthy.

Lordosis and the Lumbar Spine - What is Lordosis?
Lordosis is a term that is used to describe the direction of the low back curve. Learn about how the term - lordosis - is used when talking about the spine and pelvis.

The coccyx bone is often overlooked by doctors as a source of healing for back pain. This little bone is located at the very end of the spine, and is appropriately nicknamed the tailbone.

Sacrum and Coccyx - An Illustration of the Low Back
Here is an illustration of what the sacrum and coccyx look like.

Picture Gallery of the Parts of the Spine
This gallery of pictures will show you the parts of the spine.

Pelvic Power - Learn About the Anatomy of the Low Back and Pelvis
Pelvic Power is a book that will introduce you to the structures of the lower spine and pelvis in an experiential way.

Facet Joint Capsule
Facet joint capsules help the facet joint to move. Learn more about the facet joint capsule, facet joint pain and the facet joint itself.

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