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Arthritis in the Neck - Cervical Spondylosis


Updated June 26, 2014

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Diagnosing Cervical Spondylosis with Flexibility Tests and X-Rays
Doctors diagnose cervical spondylosis by means of neck flexibility tests and imaging techniques.

Neck flexibility tests are used to identify any instability that may be present in the neck. The tests include:

  • tilting head to either side,
  • rotating head to either side
Imaging diagnostics of the neck are performed to see bone spurs and other anatomical changes associated with the condition. The imaging methods used include x-rays, which are an inexpensive way to see the narrowing of the canal and disk space, and the presence of arthritis in people who have the symptoms of cervical spondylosis. X-rays also give visual information about the integrity of the cervical curve.
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