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Degenerative Disk


Updated February 07, 2007


Degenerative disk disease is wear and tear on the disks located in between each vertebra. These interveterbral disks, protect the spine by absorbing shock while the body is in movement.

If pain due to the wear and tear on the disks persists longer than 3 months, doctors call this degenerative disk disease.

Degenerative disk disease happens when our disks lose suppleness and water. This can be due to the normal aging process, genetics or an injury to the area.

As the disks harden, their ability to absorb shock diminishes. This change can affect the position of spinal bones and the ligaments that connect them together. In turn, a nearby nerve may get pinched and/or muscles may spasm.

Also Known As: Disk Disease, DDD, herniated disk, bulging disk
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