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Stretches and Exercises You Can Do at Your Desk

It's Mini-Break Time


Updated September 02, 2008

Ergonomic experts recommend that those of us working at our desk for long periods of time be sure to take mini-breaks to save our hands and back. This Gallery offers illustrations of several effective stretch and strengthening exercises that are easy to do while at the computer. If you would like to see written instructions for any of the pictures in the Gallery (highly recommended), just click on the picture, then click on one of the links in the text below the image.
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Time for a stretch break - a back extension movement for all the hunching you do.Counteract the Computer Hunchover with the Opposite Movement - Back ExtensionBack Stretches at the Desk - Stretch Your Back at Your DeskBack Stretches While at the DeskThe Corner Stretch at the Wall Targets the Upper BackCorner Stretch at the WallWall squats strengthen the muscles of the hips, legs and abs and posture.Wall Squats
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