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Living with Chronic Pain

Pain Management - Pain Medicine


Updated September 20, 2010

Pain, great or small, has altered your way of life. If your back or neck condition is chronic, you may find yourself coming to terms with the fact that life will never be the same again. If you experience mild pain, perhaps something as simple as an exercise program or yoga and a little neck massage will do the trick. Either way, there are resources from several disciplines (such as psychology, sport science, pain management, caregiver support, alternative medicine and more) that can help smooth the rugged road of living with your back or neck condition.

First, let's understand the difference between chronic and acute pain:

Taking Responsibility for Chronic Pain
When it comes to chronic pain, I like to think I am the one who best knows what I need to feel better. If you are like me you sometimes find yourself ignoring your own power when in a hurry to find a cure. This is why I have written Taking Responsibility for Chronic Pain. The article is meant to help you find things you can do to manage your pain, your way.

Pain Management Medicine
Consumer Reports rates a multidisciplinary approach to management of chronic back pain as the #2 most effective, after exercise. Pain Medicine is a discipline of medicine that draws from several branches to create a patient-focused treatment.

Pain Management Doctors and Pain
Believe it or not, some doctors themselves been on the receiving end of intense chronic pain, lending insight to their process of working with patients. Dr. Ann Berger, a pain management specialist, is one such physician, and has written a book. Read the review of Healing Pain, by Dr. Ann Berger.


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