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Neck Pain and Neck Injury - Symptoms, Causes, Treatment of Neck Pain

Neck pain is often avoidable. Learn about symptoms, treatment and management of neck pain. You can also learn about the role of body posture and positioning in neck pain.
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What Is a 'Crick in the Neck?'
If you wake up with a crick in your neck, chances are you have a stiff neck and a muscle spasm. Is a stiff neck from a crick in the neck serious?

Common Types of Neck Injuries
With so many neck injury types, classifying them into common varieties is helpful. Common types of neck injuries include - stingers, strains, spasms and fractures.

Neck Pain - Cervical Spondylosis - Arthritis of the Neck Causes Pain
Cervical spondylosis is a chronic condition that causes neck pain. A less technical name for this condition is osteoarthritis of the neck, or degenerative disk disease of the neck. This article presents causes, risk factors, treatments and other information about cervical spondylosis, or arthritis of the neck.

Neck Pain Overview
This overview of neck pain talks about causes of neck pain and stiff neck. It also has information on what to expect from your doctor when you go for treatment for your neck pain. It concludes with a section on how to prevent neck pain.

Cervical Kyphosis - Loss of Spinal Curve in the Neck Area
Cervical kyphosis is a common diagnosis for a loss of the cervical curve. Sometimes cervical kyphosis causes neck pain and sometimes it does not.

Spinal Stenosis
Spinal stenosis involves a narrowing of the spaces in the back bone, including the neck area. There are many possible causes for spinal stenosis, but osteoarthritis and aging are the main ones.

Neck Pain - Sleep Positions and Neck Pain
There are sleeping positions that can bring on or aggravate neck pain. Find out which sleep positions cause neck strain and pain and what pillowing can do.

What is Radiculopathy?
Radiculopathy is most often caused by a herniated disc. Radiculopathy can cause neck pain and back pain. There can be cervical radiculopathy or lumbar radiculopathy. Learn more about radiculopathy - causes, symptoms, treatment, diagnosis and more.

What Type of Doctor Should You See for Back or Neck Pain?
The decision as to which type of doctor to see for your back or neck pain depends on what type of back pain you have and if you have been referred to a spine specialist.

Discogenic Pain - About Discogenic Back Pain
Discogenic Pain - About Discogenic Back Pain

Forward Head Posture
Forward head posture may cause neck pain. Forward head posture is related to kyphosis. This article presents the basics of forward head posture.


Exercise Your Neck Muscles with Cervical Retraction
Exercise your neck muscles with retraction.

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