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Odontoid Process - The Dens


Updated December 31, 2012

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Odontoid Process - The Dens

Odontoid Process - The Dens

Image Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

The odontoid process is an upward projection of bone that arises from the front part of the center of the axis vertebra. The axis is the 2nd highest spinal bone. The atlas is the first (topmost) bone in your neck and it sits on top of the axis.

Unlike most other spinal vertebrae, the atlas does not have a vertebral body. It is shaped like a ring through which the odontoid process passes. This arrangement allows for a lot of freedom of motion between the combination of the head and first vertebra, and the 2nd vertebra (axis).

The odontoid process provides a pivot point - called an axis of motion - around which the skull and the first cervical vertebra (the atlas) rotate and turn. Other cervical levels also participate in head turning and tilting.

The odontoid process is also called the dens.

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Also Known As: dens
The odontoid process is a projection of bone emanating from the 2nd cervical vertebra.
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