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What to Do For Back Pain - How To Manage Back Pain and Neck Pain


Back pain relief may largely be your responsibility.  Learn about pain management techniques you can do at home and on the go.
  1. Sciatica Pain Relief
  2. Manage Your Lower Back Pain
  3. How to Deal with Pain In Your Neck
  4. Ways to Relieve Upper Back Pain
  5. Chronic Spine Pain Management
  6. Managing Kid's Back Pain
  7. Acute Back Pain Management
  8. Product Reviews
  9. Manage Back Pain at Work
  10. Sleeping With Neck or Back Pain
  1. Back Exercise
  2. Posture and Back Pain
  3. Holistic Therapies
  4. Back Pain and Emotional Health
  5. Back Talk - Community Connection
  6. Manage Back Pain Around The House
  7. Manage Back Pain On The Go
  8. Daily Spine
  9. Prevent Back Pain and Neck Pain

Sciatica Pain Relief

Sciatic Nerve

Many people want to know what exercises to do to get relief from sciatica.  It largely depends on your diagnosis, but here are a few ideas.

Manage Your Lower Back Pain

Did you know that 80% of back pain can be managed with lifestyle fixes and at home therapies?  Check out a few of the possibilities.

How to Deal with Pain In Your Neck

Arthritis  of the Neck - Cervical Spondylosis

If chronic neck pain nags you regularly, you may find the strategies here are helpful for managing the pain. Learn about the most common neck problems and how to reduce or even eliminate your neck pain while you work at your computer, when you're on the go and when you're at home. You'll also have an opportunity to swap stories with others dealing with neck pain.

Ways to Relieve Upper Back Pain

Posture Training for Upper Back - Upper Back Muscles

Upper back pain - also known as t-spine pain or thoracic spine pain - is often related to posture, although it may also be due to a back injury or condition. Learn more about upper back pain, including exercises, stretches and lifestyle changes in this section.

Chronic Spine Pain Management

Calcium and vitamin D may help prevent neck fractures.

Sometimes an acute back injury becomes chronic spine pain. This may happen if you don't get your back injury treated early. Early treatment of an acute spinal injury is a great way to avoid long term chronic spine pain. But if you have a chronic back problem, you likely need ways to live with it and keep your quality of life.

Managing Kid's Back Pain

Prevent Neck Fractures by Wearing a Helmet

Studies show that addressing back pain early on in childhood decreases the risk later in life. But how do you know if your child has pain? Or if they complain about pain, should you take it seriously? What kinds of spinal problems affect kids the most. This section has the information.

Acute Back Pain Management

Use Red Cross First Aid Guidelines for Neck Injury

Acute back pain means back pain that comes on suddenly, often because of an injury. Acute back pain is also the first stage of the injury, and as such must be managed with special care. In this section, you can learn how to deal with an acute back injury or neck injury and what to do when you get back or neck pain. What your first response should be.

Product Reviews

There are so many products on the market that tout the ability to relieve your neck or back pain, how do you know which to purchase? When you need a little help deciding, check out this section.

Manage Back Pain at Work

Ergonomic Work Break - Take an Ergonomic Work Break

Does work contribute to your neck or back pain? With the digital age upon us, you may find you have a lot more neck pain, shoulder pain or low back pain. And if you do a lot of lifting and other manual tasks, you are vulnerable to a back injury. This section is meant to help you avoid and manage work related back or neck pain.

Sleeping With Neck or Back Pain

Back Pain and Sleep - Getting to Sleep and Staying There When You Have Back Pain

Only someone with back or neck pain really understands how difficult it is to get a good night's sleep with this condition.

Back Exercise

Oblique Abdominal Workout

Fit people tend to have less back pain.  Need I say more?

Posture and Back Pain

Posture Related Back Pain - Back Pain Due to Posture

About 80% of back pain is posture or muscle related. Find out about the most common posture issues affecting the low back, upper back and neck. Learn about exercises and other things you can do to address and correct your posture.

Holistic Therapies

Back and Neck Massage for Pain - Pain Relief is Just a Back -or Neck- Massage Away

Holistic therapies are generally side effect free and in many cases are great at relieving neck or back pain. In fact, the National Center for Complimentary and Alternative Medicine says back pain is the #1 reason why people go to see a holistic practitioner.

Back Pain and Emotional Health

For people with chronic back pain, depression can rear its ugly head.

Studies show that your attitude and the roles you play at home, socially and at work make a difference as to how much back pain you have and how long it lasts.

Back Talk - Community Connection

Back Pain and Core Muscles - How to Find Core Muscles to Help Reduce Back Pain

Share tips and learn about other peoples' struggles with neck or back pain in this section.

Manage Back Pain Around The House

Its easy to get a back injury such as a back strain once spring cleaning gets in full swing.

We all have tasks to do around the house - from making the bed to gardening and cleaning up. While I don't think being a couch potato is the answer to dealing with back pain at home, I do think taking some time out to plan and learn back saving techniques can really help.

Manage Back Pain On The Go

Kids backpacks may cause back pain.

Wherever you go, there your back pain is. Unless, of course you take steps to manage it while you're out.

Daily Spine

The spinal canal is a lengthwise tube running down the center of the vertebral column.

What better way to get inspired to manage your day to day back pain than perusing my library of Daily Spines. The Daily Spine is a quick read on some aspect of the more mundane concerns that come with back problems or neck issues.

Prevent Back Pain and Neck Pain

Activate Core Support

What is that old saying? Oh, yes - an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. And it's so true with neck and back pain.

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