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Sex Positions for People with Back Pain

Find sex positions your back can tolerate and how to modify positions so that sexual activity does not bother your back. Conditions that cause back pain such as herniated disk, facet problems, arthritis of the spine and sacroiliac - si- joint instability can interrupt your enjoyment of sex. This section will help you find the sex positions that match your back conditon.

Sex and Back Pain - Choosing Sexual Positions Wisely
Conditions that cause back pain can interrupt your enjoyment of sex. If you suffer from back pain, before you have sex,take time to understand how best to position yourself and your partner for maximum enjoyment of sexual activity and for the least amount of back pain.

What Are the Best Sexual Positions for Pain Due to Disk Problems?
When you have back pain from a herniated disk, a bulging disk, or any other disk problem, there are ways to position yourself during sex to avoid aggravating your symptoms.

What are the Best Sex Positions for Facet Problems or Degenerative Arthritis?
Back pain symptoms associated with facet joint problems and degenerative spinal arthritis can be brought on by an arched back position. Here's what you can do.

Is the missionary position safe for me if I have back pain?
For people with back pain, the missionary position may not keep their back safe and free from pain. Sexual activity when back pain is present needs special considerations and the missionary position - while it can be tailored - is not always the best sexual position for back pain sufferers.

I Have Sacroiliac Joint Instability. How Can I Avoid Back Pain During Sex?
People with sacroiliac joint - si - instability or other si problems often have pain on one side of their spine only. The sacroiliac joint is right there where the sexual activity occurs but there are ways to modify basic sex positions to avoid exacerbating or aggravating si-related back pain during sex.

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