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Readers Respond: Should Medical Marijuana Be Used for Conditions Like Back Pain?

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Updated July 20, 2010

term limits

it's 2010,yes use it for PAIN.if your an adult use it for what ever you want.but DO NOT DRIVE!while impared. go to any SCHOOL,and it's there,stop kidding your self's.Now that's a problem.TAX IT we need the cash!!!!!
—Guest r w stone


yes it should......................................................................................................................
—Guest Allen Burleigh

Yes to Medical Marijuana, If It Helps

I would take anything if it helps. I've had lower back pain for over 20 years & 13 operations. I have now got a intrathecal pump implanted but it is not working and I'm sick of having it turned up every 2 weeks plus I'm on morphine lozenges and oramorph which just makes me sleepy & spaced out. I know that smoking marijuana works for a lot of people so I'd definitely try medical marijuana, anything has got to be better than struggling with severe pain every day as I do.
—Guest allij67

Medical Marijuana

I feel that medical marijuana is okay for use with any chronic pain symptom. I know it can be additive, but used correctly it can facilitate decrease of the chronic pain.
—Guest sharynkaye@peoplepc.com

Medical Marijuana

I say if it works, I'd give it a try. Perhaps I would take less Oxy to get me thru the day. Why not??

Mary Jane and Back Pain,

Having lived with major Back Pain now for over 30 yrs (the Army), I can understand real back pain & how your life is changed for ever. I have had 1- C7 to T2 laminectomy /decompression all inclusive. 2- S1-L5 laminectomy /decompression (Disc Degeneration with osteophyte formation, Bone on Bone no disc's). paralyzed bladder due to S2. Failed Back, Spinal Stenosis, dropped foot, Degenerative Disc Disease. a Stroke after the hematoma was cleaned. 7 weeks in the VA to learn how to walk again & Water PT still once a week & Aug. it will have been 2 years. Sciatica, Radiculopathy. 3 - 1 test period & 2 open Thoracic spinal implants 1 lower Thoracic with a 4 lead Spinal stimulator. Prob> leads shifted and would only work for the right leg. A 2nd Thoracic surgery was done on the last good bone on the high part of the Thoracic & a 16 lead this time. Together w/ 3,600mg Gabpentin,2,000mg Vicodin, 60mg Morphine, 30mg Valium, 40mg Dextroamphen, they help keep the pain at a 3, still 8-10 getting out of bed. So, YES to medical marijuana.
—Guest Steve

If it works...

If medical marijuana works to relieve pain, then of course we should give it a chance! It seems to have few harmful side effects, and it doesn't seem to be physically addictive. In that case, it seems to be a better alternative to addictive, dangerous opioids.
—Guest Julie


—Guest RICKY

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Should Medical Marijuana Be Used for Conditions Like Back Pain?

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