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Readers Respond: Sciatic Nerve Pain Frustrations

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Updated December 09, 2009

From the article: What is Sciatica?
Sciatica is a collection of symptoms often caused by conditions in the spine. If you suffer or have suffered with sciatic nerve pain, you know how frustrating it can be. What have you done to help manage the frustrations of having this type of pain? For example, some people find that meditation or writing can help distract them from the pain - but everyone is different, so share your experience with us so you can learn from and help others.

left leg/buttock pain

When I was 25 I had an operation for a lateral disc herniation in L5, which was irritating my sciatic nerve so much I could not sit down at work to do my job. This seemed to work for a while but now, just under two years on my sciatica is back with a vengeance. I am very sporty and I am afraid I may have moved something during a match last weekend as the pain has come on so suddenly. Any recommendations? I am still young and so I have been told to consider spinal fusion but this is obviously a big operation and I'm not sure I want to put myself through it...Any advice would be great. Thanks
—Guest LW

Back Pains me!

Yes...I suffer with you all. HAVE days where I can not stand and the pain of sitting is unbearable ..my only small relief. ..hot baths ..heating pads to sleep ..biofreeze and my massage therapist ..I too had shingles before this started..interesting ...my legs spasm and cramp...and many days are too shaky to carry me...we need better pain management!
—Guest MsHolly

Back Pains me!

Yes...I suffer with you all. HAVE days where I can not stand and the pain of sitting is unbearable ..my only small relief. ..hot baths ..heating pads to sleep ..biofreeze and my massage therapist ..I too had shingles before this started..interesting ...my legs spasm and cramp...and many days are too shakey to carry me...we need better. Pain management!
—Guest MsHolly

Sciatica is horrible

I've had sciatica for 3 yrs and the flare ups are worse than having a baby. I do not have insurance and you can only imagine what I am going through. I have no social life cause I'm uncomfortable 99% of the time. I don't work and I wont do anything hard because I don't want it to become inflamed. Hot patches and hot baths is my remedy until I can afford healthcare.
—Guest jannie

Sciatica, Fibro, Degen. Disc , Arthritis

As a result of all these I have "Complex Regional Pain Syndrome". just another way to lump pain sufferers in, and no help at all. I exercise, use pain patches, follow Pain self-mgmt techniques. No change! One in five North Americans have chronic pain. WHY CAN'T WE GET A SOLUTION?
—Guest Suze54


Hi, I have had sciatica slipped disc and fibromylgia for five years and the pain was terrible. Gave me sleepless nights. I read that castor oil helps and i applied it by rubbing it gently on the affected part. I also took Olivenol capsules and i have had a total cure within a few weeks of self treatment. Try it it sure will work. Thanks Sri ( Malaysia )
—Guest Sri

Long-time sufferer

I had my first sciatic attack in 1990 after changing my golf swing. I was at the driving range and spent a couple of hours practicing my swing. The next morning I could hardly get out of bed. We were on vacation and I spent the next 5 days in bed in agony. I had to go to the ER before I was able to make the 8 hour ride home. I was out of work in bed for a month. I've had off and on bouts but have since learned to recognize the symptoms and head straight to my chiropractor. I had my first sciatica attack before being diagnoised with FM. I go to the chiropractor twice a month now. I now know what I can and can't do to keep from having flare ups.

Sciatica Treatment

I had a herniated disc bet the L4 and L5 that caused sciatica and left me in agony. I suffered majorly for 7 months attempting to treat and cope by physiotherapy; it did not work and when I was recovered 50%, I relapsed easily after a few sneezes. I finally went to see a chiropractor and after weeks of treatment, I am now 90-95% recovered. In the early stages, I placed a gel ice pack on my lower back for 10 mins and took it off for 15 mins, repeating this for 8 times and did this twice a day. Later, the doc prescribed core exercise to strengthen the area and prevent recurrence and injury. Swimming the crawl is also a prescribed exercise whether in the water or not - the leg kicking is the main part that helps with the lower back. The chiropractic treatment took totally 12 weeks to get to my present stage of 90-95% recovery. I still see my chiro every 3 weeks. I'm now already playing golf again. I exercise my core muscles everyday when I wake up for 30 mins, might repeat in PM.

nerve pain

Hello I had a bad case of blood clots. 5 oparations and 3 mts. in hospital. They could not save my leg.. and the doctors said the leg was left on to long. So i might have nerve pain forever. It is driveing me crazy i'm takeing 14 pills a day and pain is still there it only when i ........... I can not say any more. I live outside Atlanta Ga. U.S.A
—Guest Allen Burleigh

Sciatic Nerve Suffers

Since my early 20's I have had sciatic nerve pain and did nothing about it. I remember coming home from work and crawling into the house because of the pain and difficulty walking. One morning I woke up and it hurt so bad to sit, lay, walk or stand I had to do something. My primary care doctor prescribed pain pills, which did nothing. I went to the chiropractor who took x-rays and found my back was not at all how it should be. At 25 I had a 45 year old back, is what he told me. He adjusted my back and prescribed ibuprofen while I used ice packs. Parts of my back would get so hot I would know that the leg pain was coming, so i would place ice packs on them so long it hurt with coldness; along with ibuoprofen. Now three years later I have only had a few flare ups but nothing like it was. Thank you Dr! I am now seeing this same physician for daily headaches. After experiencing headaches everyday for several months I am now on my third day and no pain!!!
—Guest Taz

One Temp Band-Aid (old fashioned)

I just had extreme flair-up-that was really bad,ie. no sleep for a few nights. My primary care doc suggested some supplements specific for me and IcyHot. All of my pain was on my right side with insane burning in right buttocks down to my ankle. I slept with heating pad on area & that helped a lot. I know- this sounds very simple. BUT, also I did not curse my God & His Son a kept the faith [very important-believe me; for all you unbelievers get into some type faith with strength-committed strength). I'm interested in reading others remedial solutions w/o surgery route. The back clinics here in Western WA want 4-5K for decompression therapy. Just read of another therapy admikn by D.O. @ this forum. Thanks for reading and God Bless you All. Klauden-

neck pain

Been suffering for many years with neck pain, despite trying everything physically and taking natural supplements. The only thing that eases or prevents my neck pain is magnesium and it works almost all day long.
—Guest ruth rakai

Left sciatic nerve

I developed shingles at the same time my back pain started. Is there a corrilation? Both are nerve damage? I also went from 219 lbs to my current weight of 170 lbs in a 8 month period (on purpose), could the weight loss have caused this? I carried the heavier weight for some time in my life, and I just felt I was ready for a life change.
—Guest Paul


I am currently receiving proadjuster treatment by my chiropracter for my sciatica. It has helped but I am wondering if anyone else has received this treatment and how they are doing long term. I have only been receiving this treatment with electric stim for 3 weeks.
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